One UI 2.1 might not be headed to the Galaxy S9 and Note9 after all

30 March 2020
Another post on the company's official Korean forum contradicts an earlier one.

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  • jerry wes

Scarecrow8310, 16 May 2020what phone do you have?me ii have the galaxy s7 edge

  • jerry wes

will the android 10 update rollout to all the s9,s9+ & note 9 handsets all over the world and also in africa. pliz let me know.

Pam, 25 Apr 2020My phone had both updates, and started restarting more freq... morewhat phone do you have?

  • Pam

My phone had both updates, and started restarting more frequently. Which was weird. And then last night it became a brick. I can intermittently turn it on for maybe 5 min. Forced deprecation?

  • DOVB989

Having an S9 with the new Android 10 update and one UI2.0 just installed I'm very happy to receive this update 2 yrs after purchase. Phone still feels like a flagship to me and will pass on to someone else to enjoy soon once next upgrade happens. The upgrades need to have the actual tech to work properly. Look at any of the videos on youtube that show people trying to root a Galaxy S7 and force android 10 and one ui2.0 - camera stops working and you lose secure apps that will fail as soon as you root device such as google pay. I have a brother that uses an S5 and son uses S7 with the last available software and both extremely content that they still have amazing phones that do so much in comparison to equivalent ios devices

  • FFH

I have an s9 …. shouldn't I get 2 major updates …. I will switch to iPhone … they get 5 years of updates

Anonymous, 03 Apr 2020Yeah enjoy getting cutting edge latest features on your iPh... moreWhat a good dose of hysteria right there. Thanks for that.

  • Anonymous

FrostPE, 31 Mar 2020OMG, when some Android manufacturer will learn the good thi... moreNobody cares about latest updates on Android.
It's ahead of iOS by 5 years.
I have Android phones from 5 plus years back which don't run latest version of the OS but operate pretty good without any slowdowns or bugs.

  • Anonymous

Furiounx, 31 Mar 2020And this, my friends, is why Android is [imo] obsolete. Hal... moreYeah enjoy getting cutting edge latest features on your iPhone 5 years late while several ppl using Android phones from 5 years back without any slowdowns or issues.

wasox, 31 Mar 2020As a matter of fact, samsung was giving a 45" smart tv wit... moreIn that case, I recommend Samsung to extend the TV offer to all countries and make it possible as a permanent offer, not just for pre-orders....

  • Slowmo

Been having issues with the brightness not going all the way down and being overly bright since 2.0 as well.

P-CHM, 01 Apr 2020For someone who says that stuff is meaningless to them, it ... moreReread what I said.

joe nodden, 01 Apr 2020That's a perfectly fair comparison. Essential was a tiny co... moreFor someone who says that stuff is meaningless to them, it sure seems to be meaningful to you...

P-CHM, 31 Mar 2020That's not the best comparison lol. Essential made a single... moreThat's a perfectly fair comparison. Essential was a tiny company with nowhere near as many employees. So they had no advantage whatsoever. If a giant company can't deliver updates of their terrible skin of Android to their main flagship line for any more than 2 years then they shouldn't be using a skinned version of Android at all as it's no better than stock Android anyways.

Besides, I'm not mad that they went back on their word, the article means nothing to me and I really couldn't care less about it at all. And I couldn't care less about your post at all, it means literally nothing to me and I don't know why you would bring it up. What I'm not happy about is that they're a huge company that handles updates way worse than a tiny company.

No the predictability has nothing to do with it. Why would it? Your point makes no sense.

Yes you're right I do have the right to ask for improvements. Though being mad is perfectly justifiable.

  • Anonymous

I respect the fact that Samsung produces a large number of phone models, therefore it is almost impossible to supprt updates for all of them for too long. BUT the flagships SHOULD have been looked after with a little more attention. Show some respect to the guys (or gals) who pay a ridiculous amount of money for the latest flagships.
This is one reason I bought the N9 right when the prices dropped significantly - just before the N10 came on the market.
In any case, give me a 1+ with a pen, and I will never look back again! Pleaseeeee!

  • MuTk0

Actually Note 9 hasn't reach it's 2 years support time and that is shame not to provide such updates to that series.

  • Anonymous

s10e will not get one ui 2.1?

  • brentbrentj

I sure hope the S9 and Note 9 get v. 2.1, because ever since the update to Android 10 and One UI v.2, Android Auto hasn't worked properly on Samsung phones. There are over 900 posts to that effect, starting in January in this Android Auto thread: No fix has been made in over two months! Posts near the end of the thread indicate that One UI 2.1 might fix the problem. If the S9 and Note 9 phones don't get 2.1, we may be screwed!

  • Anon E Mouse

Actually, it IS a big deal if you have Android Auto. One UI 2.0 broke the texting capability of Android Auto and apparently the fix is One UI 2.1 (Unless you want to downgrade back to Android 1.0) Only those phones that have One UI 2.1 are working.

All the people complaining about a particular Android manufacturer's update policy. Please! In all fairness, this is the average policy in the Android world, no less!

No manufacturer develops Android version updates for ANY phone after 2 years except for Google and OnePlus (cheers to that, OnePlus). (Who buys Pixels anyway?)

One person even compares Samsung to Essential - ridiculous. Essential has one single phone in its entire life, while in his given timeframe i.e. 2 years, Samsung released 10 dozens of phone models and he expects it to deliver 3+ Android updates to each of them! Even Google and OnePlus have far lesser number of devices.

As for the rest - same story everywhere. 2 major Android updates with 3 years of security updates, at best, including Samsung (as is the topic here).

That said, I would wish for better update policies for every manufacturer, including Samsung, to give at minimum 3 major Android version update and 4 years of regular security update. Especially given the asking price of phones. Otherwise, 1000 USD worth of electronic devices have, and should, never ever meant disposable items.