OnePlus 8 Chinese launch set for April 16

31 March 2020
That’s a couple of days after the April 14 global launch event.

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  • Curved screen shit

OnePlus why 8 model has curved screen????
I planned to buy it, but now i need to wiat for normal phone with flat screen, or buy s20 snapdragon from china with almost flat screen.
Curved screen is shit, some minuses/disadventages:
problem with handle, ghost touches, bad screen protection, higher price to manufactuer
and there is no any pluses/adventages.

Pls OnePlus at least make oneplus 8 with flat screen, snapdragon 865 and min 4300mAh battery and i will buy it.

  • Elthan John

I hope this mobile has a great stereo speakers like xiaomi mi 10 pro, blackshark 3 pro, realme x50 pro, oneplus 7t and razer phone 2.

  • Pricing

I expect that the pricing of OnePlus 8 Pro in China to be slightly higher than Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro. And the international pricing for both EU and USA will be $899 or higher. OnePlus 8 should be priced noticeably lower in either markets.

What abt OnePlus Z?

  • Anonymous

Is not that tiny flash a bit ridiculous watching the size of the phone? With all that space and they are not capable of put a decent flash, a periscope camera... Never Settle!!! In prices, of course. ^^

  • Anonymous

The Instagram color looks great