Nokia 7.2 gets Android 10 update

31 March 2020
It follows a few other Nokias before it.

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  • Aadit

Till now my device didnot get any update when will i get my update on nokia 7.2 and how can i get help me

Why isn't the Nokia 6.2 getting Android 10 yet? I'm curious

  • Anonymous

I got my upgrade already but the problem was my phone became slow charging. It took me 5 hours to charge not like before

  • Burvh

Even tho they said that the update is here for Nokia 7.2 I still haven't got it.

  • SrG

Anonymous, 01 Apr 2020Android 10 in April for an android device that should have updat... moreIts Covid 19 pandemic that delayed the updates. Just compare Nokia Android 10 with other brands (Pixel as an exception). Most devices are consequently crashing after the Android 10 update, however, there seems to be a very little bugs in Nokia phones

  • Dharme

It's very slow after the update...

  • Carol

HYPR, 02 Apr 2020K. Good. Now go away. We don't care for your personal feeling. T... moreLet me guess, more trolls in one place means more sources and experience for you? DxO is exactly what the name gives away: zero. Yes the eyes are those who should decide what camera is good for a person and the experience should decide if they actually like what they buy, but how many decide for them selves? 20 Percent of smartphone consumers? Maybe even less! And a big section of it are probably Nokia users at the moment, they are the only ones that actually decide for them selves minding the bashing machine Gsmarena has become and the fact that HMD is not pushing Nokia on the market as they should, they are actually reserved in doing so (even though GSMarena is not that big and also not the only Website that talks about smartphones). While the marketing machine, DxZero being a part of it, is doing a good job for the highest bidder in manipulating decisions of people into deciding for something they would have, most probably, never decide if they wouldn't have it pushed daily into their eyes, even though their eyes see no difference or actually see that other devices have better quality. So frankly, don't come here acting like you have something to say, you have pretty much nothing.

  • Anonymous

I got the update. After update the phone kept restarting and logged me into the boot menu and I had to factory reset my phone. Lost all my songs, documents etc.

Carol, 01 Apr 2020They are trying to milk the brand? Better take a look at Nokia o... moreQuote, "...i am yet to see a perfect android..."

The perfect Android phone is one which can data harvest the most and ship that data back to Mountain View HQ, as well as being able to display ads whilst seducing the user to click on each and every one.

  • sudeep

I still dint got any update for my nokia 7.2

Vitaliano G., 01 Apr 2020You can see this as a great news for a 7.2 owner, but somehow yo... moreK. Good. Now go away. We don't care for your personal feeling. The masses win here. There is more than 1 review of this phone and others elsewhere. Look at erm to get a better picture of the / a phone and its capabilities. If you only rely on 1 source of info before you commit then fool you. Cry elsewhere. Camera quality is down to DXO and personal eye preference. Everyone's different. Get 1 you like. End of.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Apr 2020LOL GSMArena "Anyway, let's call it "better late than never"" ... moreA mid ranger in specifications. A flagship in price. So that, at the beginning was their strategy to fool people under their rented brand. Now, wait for the next major update, you could end up being a mummy before that.

  • Carol

Q, 01 Apr 2020Those HMD Global Oy phones (or made by some unknown OEMs, at lea... moreLauncher 3 is the standard Laucher for pure android, pixel devices also have it with small tweeks, what are you talking there? Yeah, maybe they should include other launcher, but there are plenty of people who actually like the original one. There are also tones of launchers in the Store, niagara beeing one of the most original with great developer support. As for the new OEMs, as far as i know, they are better then Foxcon. Anyway, if you still believe yourself then take a look at NOKIA's officiall site. And tell us what you see.

  • Anonymous

"Anyway, let's call it "better late than never""
what is this statement?
Nokia is still consistent then any other smartphone brands who have midranger at same price. Just think about it its not a flagship and let me know when Nokia 8.1 have got the first android update ? even though that phone was a midranger got it early but have you mentioned it "No".

I thought Nokia would be a good option for people who wants OS updates ASAP but things are turning out to be the opposite. LOL.

I was using an Nokia 7 plus. Camera is actually worst than the galaxy s6 i was using before that. Thanks to Gcam. Now i am using Galaxy s20 plus SD 865 imported from USA. Just because of Gcam support.

  • Q

Carol, 01 Apr 2020You just started to lie to yourself or just talking not to shut up? Those HMD Global Oy phones (or made by some unknown OEMs, at least Foxconn is known), had and have Launche3, even after 3 years. Don't you think it's time for HMD to have own launcher, like Motorola with similar software (just with Moto Action, because it's Moto launcher, not launcher3). Launcher3 is in the unknown Chinese brand phones with price tag of 45$, since 2013.. Shame, for Nokia name :(

  • Anonymous

As expected out of their initial roadmap so they didn't accoplished their promises. What they always accomplish is offer old components at premium prices. That is the identity of HMD Nokia.

VnY, 01 Apr 2020I hope they are not fooling us .... As today is April fools day ... moreI will never think of Nokia's Android update as a fool. Nokia is always consistent when it comes to software version updates.

  • Sabretooth

Anonymous, 01 Apr 2020Where is 7.3 350 euro 5G phone.I think they won't launch it till September