Weekly poll: the Nokia 8.3 5G marks many firsts for HMD, but is the price too ambitious?

05 April 2020
The 8.3 is the first Nokia with 5G connectivity and also the first with a 64MP camera. But €600 sounds a bit steep.

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  • Joe

I am pretty sure that Nokia has more fans worldwide than any other brands. I'm obviously one of them and ever since I started using a cellphone back in 2006 I've been using Nokia phones. Nokia has good durable phones and us customers know that, but most people stopped buying these phones when Nokia partnered with Microsoft because they wanted android. Now that Nokia is using Android, they have to come up with a way of getting their customers back, and one way is cutting prices advertising.

  • Qwerty2020

Anonymous, 05 Apr 2020Why can't you judge a phone by its version? How hard is tha... more"Even software os like Android or any OS has 8, 8.1, 9, 10 so you can easily understand which is the latest one."

This is the reason why I ALWAYS said 'research first before commenting' to some smart-@$$ who loves to write stupid, baseless, OR incorrect info.

In software world, yes, they use [1.1], [1.2.1], even [] as 'internal naming'.
BUT this 'internal naming' is not intended for general public use; it's intended for developers, testers, or people with knowledge related to the software.
Even Android use 'sweets' as it's official name (Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Frozen Yoghurt, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, etc).

The 'true' purpose of this 'internal naming' is to tell people whether the current MAJOR update or MINOR update.
If it's MAJOR update, some developers might upped the versions of the software (e.g Firefox 52.9.0 to Firefox 53.0)
If it's minor update, they'll just update the decimal numbers (Firefox 52.1.0 to Firefox 52.9.0)

Does this also applicable in smartphone official naming?
just try searching ANY Nokia 2nd gen and newer in online shop with VERY SENSITIVE search engine! even the use of 'space', 'period', 'comma', and 'Capital case' will have different search results!
(I always have headaches whenever I try searching MOST 'new' Nokia phones in OLX, the same as Samsung with their Note series (typing 'note8' & 'note 8' will have different results).

The best & efficient naming sceme was actually the combination of alphabet & numbers, like what Poco & some Realme used (X1, F2, A1, S9, etc); short, but efficient.
You won't even mind searching for hours finding your next phones with this naming.

  • Qwerty2020

Gaurang, 05 Apr 2020It is expensive for obvious reasons. It covers all 5G bands... more"I don't think anyone can rival Chinese companies in their prices."
This sentence MIGHT stand if they own a production plant themselves, like Samsung, LG, Sony.

BUT, Nokia? No way in hell.
FYI, ALL Nokia phones are ODM-made ones,
ODM = Original Device Manufacturer; they are companies who accept orders from brands who wants to cut cost production as much as possible to get as much profit as possible.
They can make device as cheap as possible, depending on their customers' demand.
This is the true 'secret' of Chinese's 'aggressive' price tag strategy.

At first, Nokia use S-grade ODM, Foxconn, to make their devices (1st gen Nokia 5, 6, and 8). BUT, later on, they order A-grade ODM for high-end device (Wintech which also make phones for mid-range Xiaomi & Samsung), while mid & low-end Nokia devices are made by B-grade ODM (the ones who made phones for Elephone, etc).

p.s. For Xiaomi, their high-end / flagship phones are made by Foxconn nowadays, that's why their prices are not as aggressive' as it was previously (previously even their flagship was made by Wintech, too)

  • Actuality

I would definitely go for this. I have a Nokia 7 plus, and I absolutely love it. The 8.3 looks stylish, and I love the understated logo at the bottom, when most phones today are bland blocks. I would have preferred a "forehead" rather than a punch hole camera, but it's something I can live with.

  • AnonD-925759

Anonymous, 05 Apr 2020Oh sure, outsourcing their manufacture to cheap chinese unk... moreI don't really care about the new HMD Nokia anymore, the dreams died already.

  • Maina

At $400/400 Euro I would buy it just because of the big screen even though I don't need a new phone at the moment, but at $600, no thank you! Redmi Note 9 Pro/S and Galaxy A71 are a much better buy....

It's not a bad phone, but definitely overpriced.
Also, the front facing logo at the chin is ugly.

  • Anonymous

Be producing small phones like the likes of 7.1 and 6.1plus with all the great specs.This phone is too huge.

  • mudman

for all people every went to this site or visiting post their opinion it's cool because company know what PROS AND CONS for their product. But remember if you don't like this product don't buy simple as that. but remember as well, all flagship have error or problem not only nokia even iphone. oppo. xioami . huwaei, sumsung. htc, sonny,lg, oneplus. google pixel et but the good of this product is LEGENDARY king they call QUALITY durability performance no good like other but this kind of mid range compared to other midrage flagship much better, before i switch to nokia almost all brand i've try and no one can gave like NOKIA for me this flagship is better than other except the price I think little bit mo expensive.

  • Carol

Anonymous, 05 Apr 2020Yep they tried to be more interesting than the others on th... moreMiui optimized? For what? For money making cause they sell to cheap and somehow they need money so they sell your data? Wow, yes, a really good alternative, have fun buying it once and paying two years if one can hold that long on a crapp.

  • Carol

Anonymous, 05 Apr 2020There are already 5G phones around 200 dollars scheduled fo... moreStop comparing "private data and ads" supported knockofs trash with real devices, it is already to laugh at the ignorance some expose here.

Anonymous, 06 Apr 2020Do you believe on DXOMark ratings? a famous paid reviewers ... more60% of Tech-Savvy Community doesn't believe with that. That's a bias. We hope that there's no Back Paid.

We don't want to comment what Brand who is Bias but it's a Chinese Brand.

  • Phablet

Would have voted for "It's good, but it needs a price cut" if it wasn't for the enormous size.
So "Not any good" it is.

  • Anonymous

AJ_74, 06 Apr 2020A $300 phone in $600 phone clothing. "ZEISS optics" mean no... moreDo you believe on DXOMark ratings? a famous paid reviewers of all time in camera department.

  • Valkov

Bad timing, bad price. 5G is under construction almost everywhere and there is no real advantage to have such phone right now. For that kind of money people expect more - OIS, IP 67/68, OLED panel. For the same price you can get a lot more with other manufacturers. Add and Covid wich kills economy worldwide to the mix and this phone will collect dust in stores.

I would have put the Nokia 8.3 5G on my list (the price would drop for sure), but: no IP rating, so thanks, but no thanks.

For the next 2 years now thanks to the Covid-19 craziness, 5G will jack-all ... it's not wide spread enough to be worth it ... also stop paying thru the nose to beta test crap ....

  • Anonymous

Nokia should bring flagship compact series. Their are people who still needs Mobile phone for telephony purpose. I think after Nokia 8 sirocco their is no flagship phone from any other manufacturer which looks flagship with right specs & can be flaunt. Common Nokia bring in device around 5" screen size with all flagship features & design.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Apr 2020How can you say that without using any of their devices? HM... moreThe last thing that you watch at HMD offices and the facilities were prototypes are designed and building is a western employee. So the cover it doesn't matter.

This is no more and no less than a mediocre cheap mid-ranger highly overpriced under the Nokia brand umbrella. We already has seen that strategy of use old western successful brands acquired by chinese brands to fool western people making them believe that is their old local product when in reality is another cheap one highly overpriced instead of build something really good and valuable.

But that strategy doesn't work anymore if we watch their sales. Only this quarter they were profitable and only outsourcing the manufacturing to the cheaper facilities they found... and the quality from those is really bad as we have seen in the latest products.

Now with the economic downturn, this phone is a dead brick upon arrival. People are now more cautious about what they buy. And more difficult to fool. The novelty is over and instead of creating attractive products they only dedicated themselves to milking the cow (rented Nokia brand) while the coverage lasted. Anyways sure that some blind fans could still buy their overpriced junk for a while and take profit of them until they sink hopelessly. It'll very difficult change that as they doesn't seem to want to change their strategy of milk the brand selling crap junk at high prices.

Anonymous, 05 Apr 2020This phones aren't from Nokia. Are from HMD and manufacture... moreBecause you're always into Phone Specifications. You're referring to Chipsets, RAMs and all.

But you didn't consider the Raw Materials, Build Quality, Quality Control Tests and also the Android One Program that's why HMD-NOKIA Phones are more expensive.

This is the true Tech-Savvy person. Always considering beyond limits not Specifications always on mind. I hope you get it 😊