Xiaomi working on a 144 MP smartphone

02 April 2020
The sensor is likely to be made by Samsung, the phone could be Mi CC10 Pro/Mi 10S Pro.

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  • Rajesh rock

Oh exlent mobile in 5g mobile 16 mp camera amazing thanks for you...... I like the mobile

  • Anonymous

Gargamel, 04 Apr 2020All these numbers, numbers and numbers. I think I’ve had my fil... moreThese are not just numbers. I have redmi note 8 pro, and believe me, its 64 mp camera result is amazing. You can zoom the picture many times and still be able to crop a decent picture out of it.

  • Hudinited

Will they abandon the device as Mi CC9 Pro?

  • Gargamel

All these numbers, numbers and numbers. I think I’ve had my fill of all these number games from manufacturers. I’m absolutely convinced that flagship phones from 2 years ago are quite capable of giving us the maximum quality pictures that the human eye can conceive. It’s all marketing; make you believe it’s better, then spend more money for something new but not necessarily better.

wasn't it supposedly a 150MP sensor?

We are not stupid. But last of all we need to use google camera. That's it. 144MP camera sensor is coming soon. Cam sensor will be samsung.

  • smartphone 2.0

It requires some real effort to take full advantage of the 1" sensor within the confine of a 9mm thick smartphone. You really need to create a new kind of smartphone with a different form factor, i.e., Smartphone 2.0, which will require software support at the foundational OS level. I don't think Xiaomi or Samsung is up to that task. It is a good thing someone is taking up the challenge, though.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Apr 2020144 will be enough to record 16K video . 16K is 132MP. So y... moreNobody cares about 16k video.
Processors can't support it now.
But this 144mp camera will give you great pixel binned low light video in 4k.

  • josh

Anonymous, 02 Apr 2020128 is P40 Pro. Not the Pro+. Pro+ will pass 130 because highe... mores20 ultra will kill that pro+ or yours my friend and xiaomi will kill that 130pts for their pro variant. xiaomi is more successful and more innovative compare to huawei you know. if your going to tell that huawei camera is innovative that is not huawei's innovation it's the innovation of their nokia ex-employees that is working on their camera department. that real deal is nokia ex-employee not huawei.

  • Anonymous

They better put in 16-1 pixel binning, lol.

From megapixel wars to binning wars

paco2x, 02 Apr 2020I still don't get why having too much MP can benefit since most ... moreBecause we live in a World where one subconsciously equates bigger to being better.

  • Anonymous

paco2x, 02 Apr 2020I still don't get why having too much MP can benefit since most ... moreMore digital zoom.
More "free" pixels to be used by electronic stabilization.
To make ppl impressed.

I still don't get why having too much MP can benefit since most people share their images on tiny tiny screens, the big MP count is for having more detail when printing really BIG banners, building size. The phones can really have a great image impact with bigger sensors, like the size of Sony's RX100 series 1 inch and true variable shutter, even with 12MP you can have really stunning images with the right sensor and optical set, not need for this MP BS.

  • Anonymous

They can work on the softwares part instead. If only Google gets to work on a camera setup similar to the one in Mi note 10, it will be a monstrosity.

Whatever will it be, hopefully will come with better processing be it binned more or full res, whats the point of more pixels if patterns are weird and grass looks like seaweed.
Still good to see some break away from 12mp believers, that age ended 2yrs ago in april.

  • Anonymous

144 will be enough to record 16K video .
16K is 132MP.

So you will be able to watch on you fancy 5 million dollars Sony 16K Crystal LED wall.

  • Anonymous

Bring 200MP camera - 64GB ram - 4TB storage - Snapdragon 1000 - 7000 mah battery.

Why? Only 144mpx . I was hoping form Xiaomi for 156mpx or even 200 at least and a sensor which is bigger than 1/1"
What a big fail!
The 108 mpx is not sufficient at all for my needs

  • bobby_gBG

Whatever, with the price they put on the Mi 10 I don't believe they will be having much customers for these phones - everyone who is spending 1000$ is getting Samsung or similar...

Super disappointed, wanted to switch from Mi8 to Mi10 so much...

YUKI93, 02 Apr 2020I wonder if it would still be Quad Bayer binning or Nona Bayer b... moreI'm assuming it might have 0.7 micron pixel size.