TCL 10 Pro, 10 5G and 10L unveiled with HDR10 screens, quad cameras

06 April 2020
The TCL 10 5G may have the better S765G chipset, but the Pro model switches to an AMOLED display.

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  • Wolfchigo
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  • 09 Apr 2020

I'm not surprised perhaps if it will cost less than $ 250.

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    • AnonD-909757
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    • 09 Apr 2020

    Anonymous, 09 Apr 2020The illusion of privacy... If it's a smartphone can be cr... moreBut having a camera you are hidden from when not in use still MASSIVELY reduce risks of privacy intrusions.
    Video leak is BY FAR the WORSE type of privacy intrusion, when you are naked in front of the smartphone (because it is on its dock and you are just changing cloths and walk by) is way more of a potential private life and intimacy issue than a microphone.
    You want to protect your privacy, in this order, from : Video, pictures, audio, sensitive personal data, and localisation at the end.
    Because there is already things that give away PARTS of your privacy does NOT mean we should just say "whatever" and forget about ALL the other UNTOUCHED parts of our privacy, that's EXACTLY how privacy intrusion got that far into our life in the first place, by beginning with mondains and totally acceptable informations gathering to constantly but slowly progressing toward where we are now, and soon to no privacy at all.

    So by reasoning the way you do, you are a huge part of the problem as you are encouraging the normalisation of no privacy at all with the argument of "if you want privacy, then don't own a phone", even if this isn't what you meant (that those measure are useless, because your message look like it is what you are saying).
    And the "manually operated cap" is still significantly better than the puke hole and teardrop notch cancer who prevent REAL 3D facial recognition tech which protect privacy offline (from peoples who can potentially access your phone without your consent) and reduce the risks of having your phone stolen, as most thief won'ts bother with a phone that is known to be almost impossible to crack.
    By the way, if you are referring to my second comment, this is NOT a manually operated cap I talked about, but a phone WITHOUT front camera at all, and, when required, a manually deployed reflector allowing to do basic selfies and video call using only a cheap, easily replaceable, hard to break, non space intrusive and non dust/water fragile or weakpoint which basically kill all stupid and irrelevant arguments peoples have against pop up system.

    So yeah, I LARGELY prefer a phone who can be cracked (as all do as you said) but still offer me a secure and convenient way to unlock it which also protect its value by making it a low value target to steal, but who also, when its system is compromised, have its who camera don't give away my image in potentially embarrassing situations that can be exploited for negative intents.

    By the way, that's BECAUSE of pop up motorized camera that a lot of apps and websites have been exposed stealing user image without their consent by taking a sneaky shot.
    And the fact that nowaday most pop up equipped phone don't see their module lifting as much does not mean those practice stopped, I am sure if you were to look at the code of many of those image thief, you'll find some interesting reference to device with such motorized system and almost no other phones or if you were to change the model identity of your phone for one with a fixed front camera, your pop up will, strangely, rise as much as before...

    But implying that it is only an illusion of privacy and therefor it is useless to make privacy friendly system like front camera who are hidden or no front camera at all, that's like saying, there isn't a need for a seat-belt because there are still accidents that can kill you regardless if you use your or not.

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      • 09 Apr 2020

      AnonD-909757, 07 Apr 2020As a goth guy, I'd date that metaphorical goth girl :D I... moreThe illusion of privacy...
      If it's a smartphone can be cracked.
      If it can be cracked and has a camera someone can take a shot, no matter how the camera work.
      And even if you have an manually operated cap, you are still using something that has microphones, geolocalization, and a bunch of personal data.

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        • 08 Apr 2020

        Denis Thomas, 08 Apr 2020I would go out with you. You got me with the whole motorise... moreWell thanks you :D
        And yeah, those are way better than peoples make them appear, and they all could evolve to be way better by hosting more sensors (all 3D facial recognition, front floodlight, gesture camera and way more), and ditching the motor for a magnetic linear actuator system using pairs of magnets and small coils.
        But this isn't the only privacy respecting awesome alternative to bezel (which are still cool) and the horribles puke hole and teardrop notch disease we have on most of the market.

          Anonymous, 07 Apr 2020worse seems too heavy a word, haha, should be labelled the ... moreNo worse is if anything, an understatement. There's nothing at all worse about the 10 Pro except the SLOWWW SoC.

            AnonD-909757, 07 Apr 2020As a goth guy, I'd date that metaphorical goth girl :D I... moreI would go out with you. You got me with the whole motorised camera of yours.
            You truly are the man of my dreams, or nightmares. Since it's the whole gothic thing going on ;)

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              • 07 Apr 2020

              joe nodden, 07 Apr 2020Why would they put the better SoC in the worse phone?worse seems too heavy a word, haha, should be labelled the more cost effective model...

              seems like they know which model would sell well, anf which would sell the most...

                Omegaflop! Only would sell on regions without that much competition.

                  Anonymous, 07 Apr 2020Design of cameras is really original. Bravo. you beat sam... moreThe rear camera screams LG V60 vibes the moment I see them.

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                    • manta
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                    • 07 Apr 2020

                    there's no camera bump! applause please :-)

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                      • 07 Apr 2020

                      It's like they decided to put a limit cost to produce each one. Hey engineers, this is the limit. It doesn't matter if the specifications have no sense, spread the components elsewhere to not pass the limit and that's all. XD

                        The horizontal camera layout looks so much better.

                          Why would they put the better SoC in the worse phone?

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                            • Hasib
                            • EP%
                            • 07 Apr 2020

                            Excellent camera setup..

                              kohey, 06 Apr 2020The camera setup of the Pro should be replaced by the one i... moreSome of the important specs are here and there and not focussed to either one of the devices. So weird

                                I used two phone brand thats designed by tcl. Alcatel Idolx and blackberry dtek50, both of them have temperature issues. So I'll not by any things and spending money on phone designed by tcl. Also firmware update support is so bad.

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                                  • 07 Apr 2020

                                  Denis Thomas, 07 Apr 2020Rocking an Xperia XZ Premium now makes me feel like the got... moreAs a goth guy, I'd date that metaphorical goth girl :D

                                  I really don't like to follow fashion, it is too stupid, if the latest trend was to wear a sock over the right shoes or tear a pant and wear it as a T-Shirt, many peoples would do it, regardless if it is stupid, actually look good or bad, is practical or anything...

                                  The same apply for phones, what the many does isn't necessarily the right thing.

                                  The guy who come bitching about my pop up phone (the day I'll find one worth buying), I'd brute force his damn phone and take a pic of him in the most compromising moment possible, or even more vicious, I'd make an app which is exactly what he want/need and make sure his notch/hole come exactly where an important UI element is located xD

                                  I'd love for a huge attack to compromise basically everyone's selfie camera so peoples would be aware of how privacy is important AND they would finally stop complaining about pop up camera with imaginary arguments, like "wear", "fragility", "complexity", "moving part", "water", "dust" and other things that almost NEVER actually caused issues.

                                  Also, WTH peoples, since when a motorized system isn't neat or futuristic cool ?
                                  That's exactly the kind of thing that Science Fiction like to show because it look cool, we finally have it, it give privacy, full display, look cool, have almost no negative impact, cost almost nothing, can be hugely improved, but peoples don't want it and consider it as not a solution for bringing fulldisplay, seriously ?

                                  That's why trends are stupid, since when a broken display (notch or hole) with only the minimum of sensors (a camera, and if lucky also way too small and ineffective ambiant light and proximity sensors) that doesn't offer privacy, have many issues with apps and status bar...Over either small bezel or pop up which don't have any display issue, nor OS and apps clash, can have as many sensors as required (Dual or triple camera, ToF sensors, real ambiant light and proximity sensor, floodlight, IR cam and dot projector for 3D facial recognition, hand gesture readers, Iris scanner, etc) and pop up allow privacy...
                                  But hey, they are happy because they have a trending thing and imaginary issues about the pop up can't happen to them...

                                  Peoples in a nutshell !

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • 3Rs
                                    • 07 Apr 2020

                                    Design of cameras is really original.
                                    you beat samsung and apple and huawei with design.
                                    thats a breath of fresh air.

                                      AnonD-909757, 06 Apr 2020A huge wasted opportunity, with this camera setup, to make ... moreRocking an Xperia XZ Premium now makes me feel like the gothic girl everyone's afraid in the classroom.
                                      I'm simply too elegant and original for them.

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                                        • AnonD-909757
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                                        • 06 Apr 2020

                                        A huge wasted opportunity, with this camera setup, to make a dual display phone, so they could get rid of the stupid front camera and of the cancerous teared-display notch and puke hole.
                                        They even put cursed edges display on that useless thing...
                                        Another_exactly_like_all_the_other smartphone, exactly what we needed in a market saturated by almost identical smartphones...

                                        The only thing worth mentioning on those phone is the Audio Jack port and the rear mounted fingerprint scanner, even though the industry didn't yet understood that optical and capacitive FPS are a thing of the past and ultrasonic are way better...Though with Samsung being stupid and not switching to the 3D Sonic Max for their S20, the older variant who had issues give bad reputation to ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, even if they are hugely superior in all aspects.

                                        TCL isn't a huge brand, I mean, appart from Smartphone enthusiast, no one probably know TCL Smartphones exist, and rather than really innovating and doing something that would REALLY attract peoples for a change, they took the stupid easy route of doing like the other, but an almost unknown brand doing the same as other phones, without even fast charging now that many peoples get tired of charging time and giving no particular features...
                                        Good luck TCL to make profits, sincerely, that's surely a strategy I wouldn't try...
                                        If they are realistic they didn't plan huge stocks anyway, and I hope they didn't got arrogant with how much the "boring_exactly_like_all_the_other" smartphone design and feature pack that most peoples get tired of will sell...