Samsung Galaxy A20e and Galaxy A10 also make the jump to Android 10

08 April 2020
One UI 2.0 is also part of the deal as well as a new security patch.

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  • 31 Mar 2024

Saga, 09 Apr 2020Its amazing how samsung remembers to update their budget ph... moreI am using this samsung galaxy A10 atleast four years..this device is good performance. I like this model set....

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    • dez nuts
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    • 26 Dec 2021

    My A20e and A10 even got the Android 11 update!

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      • Saga
      • I@a
      • 09 Apr 2020

      Its amazing how samsung remembers to update their budget phones specially software updates experiencing flagship updates even they are so called budget phones. Im using an A10 and im quite impressed. I will be owning a smartphone samsung galaxy s10 soon but A10 is remarkable for an android user like me I also own samsung galaxy s3 and i really loved them like pets. I am a samsung fan during samsung galaxy SL how camera is very remarkable thats why my number 1 option when it comes for a smartphone.

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        • Hka
        • 09 Apr 2020

        Samsung Galaxy A30s also just received it. Malaysia.

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          • 09 Apr 2020

          The android 10 for A10 and A20e is released for global or some certain countries?

            nice, even the lowest end samsung get Android 10. little too late but considering it's low-end smartphone it's fine