The Honor 30 series will officially use three 5G chipsets: Kirin 990 5G, 985 and 820

10 April 2020
The Honor 30S is already official and it has a Kirin 820, leaving the 9xx chips for the other two phones.

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Anonymous, 10 Apr 2020Kirin 990 5G = Snapdragon 765GNo, the kirin 990 5g performs at about a snapdragon 865, even the 980 outperformed the SD 845+

Anonymous, 10 Apr 2020Why can't they keep one model. 3 different models for prem... moreThree premium models for those who want the best experience and budget with cutted corners for rhose who want something premium but can't afford it

  • Anonymous

Why can't they keep one model.
3 different models for premium flagship range.
3 different models for budget Flagship range.
Total confusion for the end user.

  • Anonymous

Kirin 990 5G = Snapdragon 765G

  • Anonymous

Finally honor uses amoled display on smartphone, thanks to Google, but I still won't buy them