Leaked ad shows Huawei nova 7 phones will have curved screens with dual punch holes

14 April 2020
The outward appearance is based on the Huawei P40 phones and the nova 7 Pro model is expected to use the flagship Kirin 990 5G chipset.

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  • 08 Jul 2020

Nova 7i display EDGE?

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    • Mhayor
    • r3a
    • 23 Apr 2020

    AlienKiss, 15 Apr 2020Who-a-who desperate fans: "Boo, Samsung has edge display! B... moreAren't you just stupid copy and paste abd huawei keeps winning Samsung on everything they do compare Samsung s20 ultra camera with the huawei p40 pro +
    Huawei canera is way better than the Samsung
    Is not about updating specs like 108mp when it seems more like 24mp and the 100* zooming samsung zooming is so lame........ Maybe you consider before you start typing... The only thing that I like about Samsung it's their RAM 12/16gb ram buh huawei also has 12gb ram it's only the 16gb huawei dibt have and they are working on it you should see the honor 10X Pro. Baaga is

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      • AlienKiss
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      • 15 Apr 2020

      Who-a-who desperate fans: "Boo, Samsung has edge display! Boo!"
      Who-a-who: "Copy/Paste is all we can.. Ta-da!"
      Who-a-who fans: "Yay! Edge display is the best! Now if we only had Google services.."

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        • 14 Apr 2020

        Anonymous, 14 Apr 2020stop the mass, every week 5 new devices from smasung, huwei... moreSamsung has one Galaxy S launch a year. They've done it like that for ten years.
        This is Huawei spamming the same phone with different names. If you don't like this name, you can buy the same phone next week with an Honor label on it instead. If that name won't suit you Huawei will "launch" it again in a couple weeks with a new name.

          Anonymous, 14 Apr 2020stop the mass, every week 5 new devices from smasung, huwei... moreVivo is worse, they release devices every 3 hours..

            curved screen + dual punch holes (waste of space +ugly)=worst combination ever
            i am happy to have a flat screen and a single better quality camera

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              • 14 Apr 2020

              stop the mass, every week 5 new devices from smasung, huwei and xiamiau, zero difference between all of them

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                • 14 Apr 2020

                Gone well...

                Huawei Nova 6 + Honor View30 + Huawei P40 = Huawei Nova 7

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                  • 14 Apr 2020

                  Curve screens were a gimmick just to say screen was larger, most are now fed up with, flatter screen the better.