Samsung Galaxy A30s is now receiving the Android 10 update

16 April 2020
The update comes with One UI 2.0 on top, and it includes the March 2020 security patch level.

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  • Kimz

Honestly, I just need EIS 😭
The camera sucks without stabilization! A51 does it, why not a30s?

  • E

Nastaran, 19 May 2020Please tell me how I can update my Galaxy30s to Android 10 Go to settings and go to software updates and do last update

  • Bidyut mallick

Hello samsung plese give me 10

  • Nastaran

Please tell me how I can update my Galaxy30s to Android 10

  • Anonymous

habesha, 30 Apr 2020A30s India still not getting android 10 when ?Who is date android 10Q release date A30s devies

  • A50s india

Received update in March on 15.
Not happy yet fingerprint slow still.....
Wynk music app wireless bluetooth or after playing background song's get frequently disturbing say after 5/10 song's playing.
Not good.
Ads after update again ooo yeah bullshit.

  • habesha

A30s India still not getting android 10 when ?

  • Anonymous

It came out for my a30s in egypt

  • Peter K

I Am in the United Kingdom and my A30s Has the latest Android 10 update as well as the One UI 2.0

  • Anonymous

Sean, 18 Apr 2020South Africa?I also want to know about South Africa🇿🇦🇿🇦

  • Hesham

Why isnt it out in middle east saudi arabia yet????

  • Sean

South Africa?

Updated and running, I like the new features

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Apr 2020still no middle-east & europe android 10 for A10s also... moreAt least One UI 2 got released for these models, but Galaxy A20 still hasn't got its update released as compared to its so called subordinates, A20e and A10. Guys at Samsung who rolls out these kind of update patterns are hilarious.

what 's about samsung galaxy s8 ?

  • Edwin270

I do find Samsung update really funny, it's like a game of dice. Why some low end devices are getting update whiles their powerful variant are still yet to get update.
It's really messed up. Wondering who is in charge (some confused guy).
Being a loyal Sammy user I do find this really annoying.

A50 got upgraded to android 10 one UI 2. When will it come to asia????????????

  • Anonymous

still no middle-east & europe android 10 for A10s
also no update for A20s at all in all regions

  • Shivaji Prasad Munna

when expected for galaxy a50 in india?????

  • Anonymous

When will android 10 and one UI 2.0 come to A50