iPhone 12 Pro Max design fully revealed through leaked CAD renders

17 April 2020
The design is a blast from the past.

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News from a mediocre YouTuber isn't a reliable reference..

Whackcar, 17 Apr 2020The iPhone 12 will give a tough competition to Pixel 5. I w... moreMaybe they can share the 1st price for the ugliest phone in 2020.

  • George

This thing will be so uncofortable to hold because of those rough edges.

  • Anonymous

Nice to look at, nightmare to hold it

One think for sure this will be craftsmanship masterpiece again unlike Android smartphones that look each other and cheap.

I hope all Americans and Europeans rush out to buy this phone... And pay loads... And realize that Android is still by far light years ahead... And don't forget when the A14 overhyped chipset comes out... We will still have the earth scorching 865... 865+ And incase Apple gets prideful... The 875 will certainly be putting the A14 back in its place. Followed by the 875+.

Rumour has it that the 875 will be able to handle 240hz displays... Pushing towards 360hz.

It's slightly different. A few design hues of previous models combined to make something a bit newer. Apple really is quite cautious it seems. Well. At least they have something different slightly to offer... An alternative to Android.

Just a bit of caution... The overhyped A13 Bionic although a good processor... It really couldn't deliver quite what Apple was making out... And only marginally by a slither improvement compared to an 855+...

The A13 is clearly and absolutely obviously well behind the 865....

So remember... Don't belive the hype... Apple had over stated and exaggerated its processor...

The 865 made everyone underestimate it... Opposite to apple...

When journalists tested the 865... The reaction at grassroots level speaks for itself... Completely. The 865 is 20% more powerful than the A13...

Compare the antutu scores of the 865.... 600,000+ And the Lenovo Legion and RoG 3 haven't even come out yet... 865+??? The 865 scores have only just started... I think people need to stop underestimating the power of snapdragon... And stop over estimating the Apples chips...

And that way... One can clearly see the legendary and most elite mobile chipset on the planet currently... And that is Snapdragon... Followed by MediaTek... Kirin/Exynos...

The iPhone 12 will give a tough competition to Pixel 5. I wonder which phone will get the Ugliest phone award this year.

I believe this is a concept.. "EverythingApplePro" knows a lot about iphones more than we know. He is a great reviewer actually. IMHO,This is just smokes and mirrors.

Still a huge notch.. They never learn anything those d*ouchebags.

Every single year from the release of the iPhone X, they manage the design to deliver something even worse than the previous model, that smaller notch is just awful🤮

So they're gonna keep on notch again