Motorola Edge+ brings S865, 5G and 108MP camera, Edge joins in with S765

22 April 2020
Both phones will have "Endless Edge" screens, i.e. very curved OLED displays. Both have 90Hz refresh rate and an in-display fingerprint reader.

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all the flagships are mostly TO expencive and TO BIG .
Many people searching for midrange phones from 6 to 6.3 inch with a afordable price and good specs !
For example a Samsung a70 6.2 inch at a price like let us say €275.

Whackcar, 22 Apr 2020Specs are good. I'm glad they went for the reliable Quad-Ba... moreI bet if motorola had the choice, they would have used nona-bayer sensor. The thing is, Bright HM1 is exclusive to s20 ultra.

  • Osiris

cozxta, 24 Apr 2020Moto G7 Plus - 27W Power Delivery Moto One Hyper - 45W Pow... moreLol LG superior audio quality hahahaha

  • AnonD-896879

Adoogle, 23 Apr 2020Remember folks that this is a Chinese phone. Nowt wrong wit... moreThe quality is what matter
Leave your racism away
All country are equal

  • Bloop

If you buy a Motorola in 2020 I don't know what to say anymore. 😅

Moto G7 Plus - 27W Power Delivery
Moto One Hyper - 45W Power Delivery
Moto Edge+ - 18W Qualcomm QuickCharge 2.0

1k dollars for 18W to fill a 5000mAh battery and FullHD display
LG V60 offers same specs, superior audio quality for less money.

Very WTF

Anonymous, 22 Apr 2020Oppo Find X (2018) : 1080p /$1000 Iphone Xs Max 512Gb: 10... moreiPhone XS and XS max have 1242x2688 which is well over 1080p resolution.

  • Dude

Joke of a price. I'm lol'ing extremely loud!

  • Anonymous

Adoogle, 23 Apr 2020Remember folks that this is a Chinese phone. Nowt wrong wit... moreAnd whats your point? for sure 90% of your electronics at home are made in china.

  • shibly from Banglade

Just Awesome loooooook.....
& again punch hole 😍
Just wait...... Great job "MOTO"

  • Aquila

Just want to say this:
The display has an EDGE, not curvy at all. Kudos, it looks fantastic!

GrahamD, 23 Apr 2020This looks fantastic. Great job Moto!This is exactly I'm thinking. Why bloody Google can't come up with design like this? Why Pixel phones are always so ugly?

Davy Jones, 22 Apr 2020Yup I thought HMD global was the only company ith the ove... morelol !!
apple price setter should be in court and he should go to jail for increasing insane price for their worthless iPhones
therefore other companies will remain in their limits about charging reasonable

Gru, 23 Apr 2020Saw loads of comms about " who is Motorola.... Where it cam... moreTrue. Motorola is like Chronos but unfortunately that moto is here no more. Its like nokia/hmd. Just the name.

  • Anonymous

Great specs but if the Edge+ is the usual Motorola/Lenovo build quality but applied to a flagship then those prices are mad.

  • GrahamD

This looks fantastic. Great job Moto!

  • Gru

Saw loads of comms about " who is Motorola.... Where it came from... Who Motorola thinks it is and so on..." well let me tell you something.... Motorola is like Chronos in mithology.... So... Be humble! Your crap xphone wouldn't be what it is without Moto!

Alex 94, 22 Apr 2020Very expensive. I always like to see some new player, ( Mot... moreNokia 9.3 will start at 890€ for base and highest variant will cost 1050€

Beyond ridicolous, who the hell Motorola think it is? Prices are unexceptable and hope people will not fall for that.

'Fairly large 5000 mah' - umm it's not fairly large - its sufficiently large, it's already a chunky monkey at 9mm thick.