The new Huawei nova 7 phones are obsessed with selfies in their first promo videos

23 April 2020
The phones' selfie cameras can do eye tracking and have a dedicated night mode. They can also work with the rear cameras for dual view shots.

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  • faizanfarhan


  • sayabosanhidup

just give us one 10x telephoto
camera with no other camera

n i dont need a selfie cam too
n just give me a low price only

  • Anonymous

Sick and tired of Huawei saga... hardly any products leave china.. so its time to forget them totally. Just ignore off. Laptop tv phones , all good but what comes of china is nothing.. so lets ignore it, than think about it.. remember the sour grapes and fox story, so lets say Huawei are sour grapes and we move on.. i think after coronavirus hardly any country will be investing in china or intrested in buying from there.. so let them keep for themselves..europe will survive.. all learned that health and happiness are important not a fancy phone.. so its hard for them to sell off even if it is launched..