The Realme Watch leaks: custom OS and 7 days of battery life

28 April 2020
This Watch will have a heart rate sensor with SpO2 tracking, support for various smart modes and other functions like music control and camera shutter key.

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  • D0e
  • 28 Apr 2020

An watch at 4999 rs. Wow amazing its so economical, ofcourse unlike huawei 100 modes or one month battery or create own face or photo slide show etc missing. But u cannot expect all features at 1/3rd price. Must buy if u want to own a smart watch at 70$...

    SKR..., 28 Apr 2020I see display doesn't match the bezels, I notice it's an LC... moreAbuse? I see non here, just reality man. I really have no idea what kind of pricetag they will have to put on this device to appeal someone.

      I see display doesn't match the bezels, I notice it's an LCD display, I walk straight to the comment section to abuse!

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        • 0JM
        • 28 Apr 2020

        Just my opinion here :
        I don't care about WearOS, all I want is a smartwatch with a round body that look like a real watch and with an OS allowing for highly custom faces that I can design myself.
        Something like that :
        And a good battery life outside sport and with GPS off.

        That's why I am interested in Samsung Watch, I was initially going for the Huawei Watch GT2 but the limited face creation capabilities turned me down...
        And as good as WearOS may be, I've seen a tendency of basically all watches running it having short battery life (shorter than similar watches with other OS), so it must be ressources intensive, so this isn't necessarily a bad thing to have watches without it.

          Anonymous, 28 Apr 2020Looks horrendousI agree. Looks like a finicky $10 Chinese smartwatch. Like a toy for a child. I mean look at the bezels, as if not bad enough it still carries the huge Realme branding in front. Lol

            Another AliExpress Chinese scrap product now with Realme logo on it

              That's a nice add on to your cereal box

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                • j6c
                • 28 Apr 2020

                Custom Operating System....AM ALL FOR IT YO!!!!!!!

                Bring it on.....

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                  • Ji$
                  • 28 Apr 2020

                  Looks horrendous