AT&T's Samsung Galaxy S20 can be had for just $300

28 April 2020
It works out as $10 per month for 30 months, using the carrier's installment plan.

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Nick.B, 29 Apr 2020Sorry Samsung, just bought find x2 pro. Can't wait delivery... morePersonally, specs, camera, asthetics and design wise, the Find X 2 Pro wins, SORTA, 1H of 2020 but its poor software/OS updates and extorted price gives Sammy's s20+ the overall win.

Hopefully, in the very near future, Oppo will start taking its software, marketing and pricing structure much more seriously, especially now that Oppo is trying to get its feet wet in the massive western market.

Still, not a bad choice you've made.

Sorry Samsung, just bought find x2 pro. Can't wait delivery in 2 weeks time.

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android is on panic mode after the $400 iphone SE was released

Well that's really a steal