Xiaomi Pocophone F2 Pro price in Europe leaks

30 April 2020
It's going to be a rebranded Redmi K30 Pro.

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Just buy a iqoo neo 3, problem solved

    Poor Xiaomi destroyed the Poco line with these rebranded.

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      • Anonymous
      • U}}
      • 01 May 2020

      The smaller iPhone 12 says hi. The price hike on Android is really ridiculous, do they think people have lots of money in this current time?

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        • 01 May 2020


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          • 01 May 2020

          i thought "Pocophone" was supposed to be a value-oriented sub-brand. guess i was wrong

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            • aReefer
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            • 01 May 2020

            Well, that sux.
            I was expecting a unique device with its own feature set and character - and a much lower price tag.
            Now it just sounds like an overly expensive rip-off of another phone.
            A Poco should be around $250, not almost 3 times that.
            They botched the formula here completely I think. They are flushing the Pocophone brand down the toilet intentionally.

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              • 3gE
              • 01 May 2020

              Meme times... RIP Pocophone hype.

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                • 01 May 2020

                so, now we know that poco is just rebrand of redmi K series.

                  Xiaomi has lost its course. For this price you can get OnePlus 7 Pro which is a better phone