Motorola releases demo videos for Android 4.0 update

27 May, 2012
Barring a few changes such as icons and a new lockscreen, Motorola's Android 4.0 ROM is practically stock.

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  • DAVe^^

Other phone companies should take no of this, why use all these skins when in my opinion there all worse than stock ics

  • Marco

marcoooo polo, 29 May 2012who has a motorola nowadays !? worse phones made ha! What a lame post. I hope you find your ignorance blissfull. Still, you have my deepes symphaty for not knowing anything about today's phones.

I'm looking forward to this update :)

  • marcoooo polo

who has a motorola nowadays !? worse phones made ha!

  • Anonymous

"two option"?
It's either ONE (one option), or TWO (two optionS).

  • sheesh

Full of leaks, no actual ICS firmware. I've been a Motorola fan ever since but this really isn't acceptable.

  • AnonD-56578

ice model in the future Atrix turkey?

  • Anonymous

great . hop i see this in my atrix

  • Anonymous

Im hoping my atrix 4g and xoom 3g will get ics soon

  • Anonymous

Hopefully this means ics for the xoom

  • AnonD-1731

don't suppose this means we can expect an update some time soon?

  • AndroidChile

It is possible that another motorola phone upgrade to ICS?

  • kini

when is the quad core phone from moto coming??

  • AnonD-14841

I just hope Samsung learns from this and tones down the touch wiz

Just like motorola rid their motto blur

Would love to see the S3 touch wiz launcher on my galaxy R

  • okungnyo

googler, 27 May 2012Google started to give MOTO special treatment. MOTO will first t... moreNo it's not. Maybe you heard the rumor that Google is giving five OEMs early access to Jelly Bean for five Nexus devices? Well Motorola is one of them, and it's also to allay the fears that Motorola might be getting secret early access.

"How can we be giving Motorola early access when it is among you four that we are also giving early access to?" Genius.

  • zz

AnonD-34039, 27 May 2012Moto is so lazy ... 6 months ago when ICS got released they said... morethat statement have being made before google take over motorola...and now,it just take a few week after google fully take over..this seems such as positive news for moto user and right move made by google for moto to improve it customer support..:)

  • AnonD-328

AnonD-34039, 27 May 2012Moto is so lazy ... 6 months ago when ICS got released they said... moreWell that's because Google recently acquired Motorola and decided to keep the ICS stock.

  • AnonD-34039

Moto is so lazy ... 6 months ago when ICS got released they said it'll take time because there gonna skin it to their device ... now 6-7 months later they come out with STOCK ICS? although i do like that it's stock i think they just used an excuse ...

  • AnonD-26314

All talk but no action; it's been 4 months since US release of ICS on Xoom but we've yet to see it in UK and rest of the world (except Canada & Japan) last week. Moto fail is becoming quite the joke!

  • OptiLaunch

When is the update. Cannot wait!!! Follow us @optilaunch for the latest news on everything Android and tech-startup

  • nasty007

motorola have great phones but is shit of company regarding how they threat users