Huawei Y9s launching in India soon

05 May 2020
It's powered by the Kirin 710F SoC and packs a notchless display.

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It's a good phone but not too good

  • Wang Du

If Huawei provide Kirin 980 in this phone it will sell like hotcakes despite no GMS support.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 May 2020Haha, Huawei is a whorty competitor to Intel... 14nm++++++++!!I bet you think all phones have terrible microscopic battery sizes just because Energizer has one phone with a 10,000mAh battery. You just want the best for the sake of having the best, you probably don't even care about the usage. 5nm chips and lower currently don't have enough benefit at the cost it takes to manufacture them. But sure, you'd rather pay more $$$$ for your cutting-edge 0.1nm Facebook browser.

  • bojanmulti

this is huge leap in Y series if the price stays similar

10W charging ??

  • Anonymous

Haha, Huawei is a whorty competitor to Intel...

  • Anonymous

I will not buy