Sony Xperia 10 II hits Taiwan, gets two new colors

05 May 2020
Mint Green and Berry Blue are join the existing White and Black paint jobs.

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  • Anonymous

Tann Hauser, 08 May 2020Okeish As long as you dont buy any other Sony, Samsung, LG... moreI can't hate sony... they made the first smartphone I ever had back in 2012 (xperia sola btw) and my upcoming PS5... It kinda feels sad to see their mobile division in such a state. It feels like having the absolute best ingredients for a dish like caviar, truffles and fancy stuff then squandering it on a deep dish cheese pizza. It kinda ruins the taste of those things

Anonymous, 08 May 20205 year old iphone (that is iphone 7 btw) won't perform bett... moreOkeish
As long as you dont buy any other Sony, Samsung, LG, Huawei, Xiaomi, Nokia, Oppo or Vivo overpriced new midranger....
your decision going for last year Sony, Samsung, LG, OP, Huawei, Xiaomi, Nokia, Oppo or Vivo flagship is a better buy....

Just dont see any factual reason for you to extract a Sony midrange phone as a sole example of that fact.

I am just hoping you re not a brainless Sony brand hater, like the guy below.

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Tann Hauser, 07 May 2020I am impressed. You actually followed my comments all the w... more5 year old iphone (that is iphone 7 btw) won't perform better than 665, let alone 855. I'd rather have a future proof device.... 665 is a rebranded 660 made on smaller process node, comparing it with 855 is utter nonsense, plus flagships will have better camera and get more updates...
I work in analytics, so gathering data isn't new for me, you want a crawler for twitter? I have it. I just modified it over a weekend since I was bored AF. I'll probably do a sentiment analysis over this data this weekend... Guess I'll add a new class of stan there. Will need to find more examples before that

Anonymous, 07 May 2020I've been here since 2016 to be honest.... I just happen to... moreI am impressed. You actually followed my comments all the way back to 2012.
Now, thats actually scary stuff.

Dont you worry, I still consider OLED crap tech. Its just that I have no option left, either Sonys oled without notch/bhole, or oled/lcd with a notch/bhole. I cant stand notches/bholes crap. And popup selfies I consider even more ridiculous.
I have to make my commends with an oled device.
And the irritation doesnt end there... I have to cash out more cause its oled.
Have to also cash out more cause the device I like overall has 5 cameras, 3 of which I dont even care about...
Yeah, the sorowing keeps building up.

And, on top of it all, even 1/2 yr old Sony flagships are equally not good for my smartphone preferences, mostly because lack of 3.5 mm jack.

And btw, I did answer you... you ve got everything you wish in an old flagship called iphone 5, or iph6 even...100 bucks worth flag performance....
why you even consider those overpriced 1 yr old Samsung, LG or OP flags over that 5 yr old bang for buck iphone is beyond my comprehension of your logic...

  • Anonymous

Tann Hauser, 07 May 2020And btw, it boggles my mind you are still an anonymous here... moreI've been here since 2016 to be honest.... I just happen to have a website scrapper that gets the comment history of any user. That is also 1 reason, not to get a username. Plus why does it matter in the current convo? you were literally against OLED till sony started using that tech.. it is not as if they are improving some inherited flaws of tech, are they? besides, you still have not said why not G8, s10 or OP7t /7 pro? all are like 120-130 more

Anonymous, 07 May 2020It is probably on behalf on sony phone fans (which are rare... moreAnd btw, it boggles my mind you are still an anonymous here, since 2012 at least....
Whats with that decade long paranoia about? Its been 8 yrs man, get over it. Get yourself a username.

Anonymous, 07 May 2020It is probably on behalf on sony phone fans (which are rare... moreCongrats again. The Golden Globe award is in your reach.
Yes, I am not an OLED fan by far, especially looking at whats been happening to S10, S20, OP7 and OP8 screens as reported by users.
But here you are talking about pricing, and in the contest of that make the dumbest comment about LCDs which are way cheaper.
Of course it is smarter to buy an older flagship of any OEM than any newly released midranger...
But thats beside the point for you, isnt it?
The problem for you lies in the mere fact it is a Sony branded midranger, doesnt it?

Tell you what?
Why dont you buy some 5 yr old Sony or LG flagship instead? Them are still excellent, mostly LCD and Gorila glass 2 devices, and waaay cheaper than those ridiculously expensive 1/2 yr old flagships you mentioned for reference. Because You know, by your own words, who needs OLED, GG5/6, or nfc right...

Funny enough all of em you consider a better buy have exactly what you do not need, consider nonsense, and dont intend to spend your money for.

I hope that, on behalf of the audience, I helped you make a sane buying decision, based exactly on your cheaper/old glorious logic.

5yr old LCD 100 buck flaghsip is a must buy for you. Maybe most cost/benefit worth one would be iphone 5.
Dont even think about it twice.

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Tann Hauser, 07 May 2020I just want to congratulate you on behalf of the viewing au... moreIt is probably on behalf on sony phone fans (which are rarer than unicorns to be fair)... but aren't you the same guy bashing OLEDs over and over since 2012 (galaxy s2 era)? I mean that opinion matters as much as the number of sony fans, but why be a proponent of OLED now... these ain't the sharp developed microLED. Plus, you still have not given me a reason not to buy a g8 or s10 or OP7t....

Anonymous, 07 May 2020who wants OLEDs that burn in (circa 2019, remember)? NFC? t... moreI just want to congratulate you on behalf of the viewing audience for the Dumbest comment of the month.

So please, take the Gold. And say sth insipiring for the overall audience.

  • Anonymous

Tann Hauser, 05 May 2020Nah, plain audio, no nfcs, no ip ratings, GGlass 4 and HD l... morewho wants OLEDs that burn in (circa 2019, remember)? NFC? that tech which is literally used nowhere in US on phones ever since debit/credit cards have it ? CG6 or CG5/CG3, what is the difference to end user? glass scratches at level 6, with deeper grooves at level 7, does CG6 bump it to 8 and 9? HD audio... get a fiio with that 200 saved. Or last years flagships are miles better, since they will actually get 1 update more, just like this xperia. Give me one reason to buy this over a LG G8, S10 or OP7t? (all within 120$ difference from 385)

Anonymous, 06 May 2020Lol SD665 using Kyro 260 cores, the same Kyro 2xx series us... more*Kryo

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[deleted post]i3 with 2C/4T is low end.
Even i3 with 4Cores is considered low end these days since mid range has 6-8 cores with high end offering 10+ cores.

Ryzen 3 2200G/2400G is entry level.

  • Anonymous

Exyvia, 06 May 2020SD 765 basically costs 3 times as much than 665 for barely ... moreLol SD665 using Kyro 260 cores, the same Kyro 2xx series used on entry level chips.
Sd675 using Kyro 3xx cores.
Sd720/730 using Kyro 4xx cores
SD765 using Kyro 475 cores.

Learn about cpu architecture first.
1% difference in clock speeds....You are funny!
Look at benchmarks then come back and talk to us.

  • Anonymous

KeK, 06 May 2020Please get out of India. Next, you will say a SD730 device ... moreWhy should I get out of India?
Even in Europe, SD730 devices are cheaper than 385 dollars that Sony is asking for SD655.
Heck there is huge difference in performance between SD730 & SD665.
How can SD655 be mid range when SD730 itself is considered Lower midrange?

I feel bad for you, that you have to pay more ,yet you get your data harvested.

Only fools believe that Xiaomi is the only one spying. In reality, every mobile company from Samsung to Sony to LG to Apple to other brands spy on you. Same with Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc.

I can buy Xiaomi for cheap and get rid of all the spying coz I am not technically challenged user like you.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Last Time I heard, it was American companies like Amazon and Apple who were guilty of slave labor.

Xiaomi sells for less by making small profit margins. They provided great quality products at low prices. That's why it toppled Samsung to become no.1 in my country( A country with more than a billion people) forcing Samsung to update specs on their low end and mid range models. It wouldn't have been no.1 if they provided cheap quality products.

That's why Sony is nowhere to be found coz they refuse to listen to customers and continue to ship outdated low end CPU in mid range devices.

  • Neme

Bytesize, 05 May 2020I'd pick this over some cheap made brand that pretends to b... moreMe too.. I'm waiting for this one since I've had a great experience with sony

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 May 2020have you seen xiaomi and realme service centers in your cit... moreXiaomi and Realme have thousands of service centers in my country including physical stores. Try again boy.
Even if there are no service centers in your country, plenty of standalone mobile repairing shops can always fix your phones.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 May 2020Xiaomi, Realme, Huawei all offer great devices. Even thoug... morehave you seen xiaomi and realme service centers in your city physically? how consumer fix their phones? they send it.. and how many service centers do they have in every country? maybe less than 5 places, even several country only have 1 or 2.
huawei didnt sell their phone mainly online, so don't place them among xiaomi and realme who mainly use online-based selling.

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Anonymous, 05 May 2020Wrong! Entry level = SD 2xx & SD 4xx. Low End = SD ... moresd 2xx and sd4xx are entry level and those companies didnt use term "low-end"
sd 6xx are midranger
sd 7xx are new class, aimed as upper-midranger
sd 8xx are high end

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Anonymous, 05 May 2020Samsung A41 = 300 euros - Plastic body - 64GB - depth ... moreAre you seriously comparing this with a phone that is 69 euros cheaper? And which is better in some ways than this phone? A41 has larger main and selfie camera sensors, and an in-display fingerprint sensor. Try harder next time.