Huawei Y8s is official, brings two selfie cameras

06 May 2020
The affordable phone is now listed at Huawei Jordan.

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  • Finest Bezels

Myeah, 06 May 2020yay! another huawei phone that won't get updatesExactly!

Serene Solomon, 06 May 20201.Micro USB is easier to replace, since not everyone still ... moreIf you want then buy you a crip phone from Huawei.

i don't see the funny in launch an obsolete phone, with android but without google pay services, is like you take a shower and put your best clothes but you have house arrest, it doesn't make any sense.

Anonymous, 06 May 2020Overall grade: E- (Critically DOA) -microUSB in 2020 = FAI... more1.Micro USB is easier to replace, since not everyone still has luxury to change their USB type-c cables
2.Also , Huawei were the first to bring affordable pop up cameras, which helped to reduce bezels and increase screen to body ratio
3.The notch is fair enough because it houses to camera, which will certainly produce better shots than most mid rangers
4.its not Huawei's fault sticking to outdated Android version, you should know better about the restriction. Most people have become to used to google than switch to HMS
So there you go, Huawei still wants to be in the game for as long as the band is still on, try to understand them

  • Myeah

yay! another huawei phone that won't get updates

Anonymous, 06 May 2020Why are they still release same old processor, it needs to ... moreBy using the older processor and OS version, they are allowed to implement Google services into their new devices.

For those who've read my previous comments, my simple presence in the comment section of this article is enough to express my feelings about this smartphone front camera choice.

  • Anonymous

Why are they still release same old processor, it needs to upgraded, not acceptable in 2020 for its price range

  • YzY

Yeah...same Y9 2019. Rebranding old phone is the way for Huawei to use Google Services. It will be funny in 10 years to still launch phones from 2018...

  • Anonymous

Overall grade: E- (Critically DOA)
-microUSB in 2020 = FAIL ( Instead get Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 with USB Type-C support if you shell a bit of money)
-Android 9 Pie in 2020 = FAIL (Why is Google not issuing Huawei a HUGE FINE on this for releasing several phones after end Jan 2020??)
-F**LY NOTCH in 2020 = FAIL (Many competitors at this range have pretty much eliminated or minimise the u**iness of the NOTCH)
-Kirin 710 chipset "REUSED" in 2020 = FAIL (Trying to beat the number of Snapdragon 625 devices used by another chinese brand eh??)

  • Essen

How does this have google services?

  • Anonymous

For the google play service and dual selfie camara am buying this 4000 mah 4gb+64 or 128 a good midranger

A rebranded y9 2019 with different sensors, Huawei are learning a thing or two from Apple.

  • Tracy

A notch and a chin. Ugh... why are they still stuck to these stupid designs?

  • Anonymous

Arab country of Jordan? since when that's its name?

So, Honor 8X in yet another reincarantion... A little better camera, and battery... That 8X is like a cat, it has 9 lives!

Damn bro. Eww!