Google delays Android 11 Beta, releases Developer Preview 4 instead

06 May 2020
The gadgets are expected to appear alongside the Mi 10 lineup on May 8.

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  • Anonymous

Prediction: Some google exec is going to come on stage and say that's he's really excited to announce that his team has been working real hard on the things we love and all they did was to change the look of the status bar icons and move them around a little.

AlienFromNextDoor, 07 May 2020literally zero noticable differences compared to Android 10... moreAye, time for Fuschia. Isn't that there next one?

  • Anonymous

Android is great for me. And will be great. iOS? No thanks.

  • AlienFromNextDoor

literally zero noticable differences compared to Android 10.
It's over. Android has fully matured.

  • Hey

It's June 3rd

  • AnonD-59899

You put the Xiaomi TWS stub for this article? O.o

Excited for the beta versions. Tend to jump on around August time. Can't have my daily driver die on me.