Galaxy S III released in 28 countries around the world

29 May, 2012
Their biggest launch till date, the phone will be available in 145 countries and 296 carriers by July.

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  • PP$
  • 31 May 2012

$790 in OZ from Telstra ... NO 4G/LTE support.

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    • PTi
    • 31 May 2012

    Now available in price of INR 40000 (approx $720) with street price at INR 42000

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      • Paul
      • xmV
      • 31 May 2012

      Officially released in Australia today on all 3 carriers. 16Gb version only, white available immediately, blue in 3 weeks. 32Gb version coming soon. No mention yet of 4G version

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        • Bababko13
        • 9Lb
        • 31 May 2012

        S3 will release in the Philipiines on June 9

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          • AnonD-40213
          • Pcg
          • 30 May 2012

          And Latin American, who knows...

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            • q8Q
            • 30 May 2012

            AnonD-49259, 29 May 2012dude what are you talking about? in general the gs3 is a b... moreActually screen in 90% of opinion is S3 and camera is tie at that rate because of much higher detailed sensor

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              • mitthu
              • KIJ
              • 30 May 2012

              Anonymous, 29 May 2012It has been available in lahore, pakistan for over a week n... morefor how much ?

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                • kg3
                • 30 May 2012

                $739 of plastic?

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                  • JF5
                  • 29 May 2012

                  it's in Qatar, price 2699 riyals, = $739 :(

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                    • Hxh
                    • 29 May 2012

                    JJ, 29 May 2012Friend could u please tell us what is the price of S111 in Dubai?Price in Dubai is AED-2499

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                      • 3Yi
                      • 29 May 2012

                      JJ, 29 May 2012Friend could u please tell us what is the price of S111 in Dubai?AED 2499/-

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                        • AnonD-49259
                        • fXX
                        • 29 May 2012

                        AnonD-1846, 29 May 2012Sorry you are wrong by saying nothing come close to the GS3... moredude what are you talking about?
                        in general the gs3 is a better phone than the hox.

                        all hox has is a slightly better screen and a better design. thats it. gs3 beats it everywhere else.

                        audio gs3
                        battery gs3
                        performance gs3
                        video capture gs3
                        camera hox
                        storage gs3
                        screen hox
                        design hox

                        hox can't even multitask, the one thing all android running devices should be capable of. so
                        how do u come up with hox is better than gs3 in general:\

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                          • AnonD-55045
                          • N9x
                          • 29 May 2012

                          anonymous@123, 29 May 2012can someone provide me with a list of the 28countries?I have not found an official list just yet. Meanwhile, you can translate this korean page to find that some of those countries are the United Kingdom, France, UAE and Saudi Arabia. The regions are described as Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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                            • 29 May 2012

                            lg 3d is better fone

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                              • 29 May 2012

                              ft, 29 May 2012Thank you gsmarena for the tip that the s3 reached dubai ea... moreFriend could u please tell us what is the price of S111 in Dubai?

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                                • 29 May 2012

                                Thank you gsmarena for the tip that the s3 reached dubai early.It was due to this tip that my grand father could import s3 from dubai three days ago.I am now texting you with our brand new white 16GB galaxy s3. Thanks again!!

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                                  • Carlo
                                  • K7e
                                  • 29 May 2012

                                  Cannot wait anymore, just got myself an HTC One X and I love it. I am aware that the SIII has a little advantage but the looks, I should say, the HTC is a lot better looking than the mutated / giant Galaxy Y. I love the HTC's " transfer" app where-in it can extract Contact numbers in a jiffy. It is compatible to most Brand/ models including iPhone and BBs. I was able to transfer 600 plus contact numbers from my LG 3D P920 without a sweat! Love it!!!!

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                                    • 29 May 2012

                                    OK, which are the 45 countries... ? Can't be that hard naming 'em, right ?

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                                      • 29 May 2012

                                      can someone provide me with a list of the 28countries?

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                                        • 29 May 2012

                                        AnonD-1846, 29 May 2012Sorry you are wrong by saying nothing come close to the GS3... moreHere is what a user has to say..sorry someboy elses post but thought it would help you.

                                        have a confession to make. When I first laid eyes on the Samsung Galaxy S3, I thought the design was unappealing and uninspired. I felt that the styling was a bit dated; akin to a slight upgrade of the Nexus One. From the initial launch invitation which featured marble white and blue blobs, I expected something more raw, more edgy. I was expecting a fusion of liquid metal and styling from Verizon’s iconic Droid campaigns. I was expecting to be impressed, to be blown to pieces with something completely revolutionary. Thankfully, I was invited to the launch event here in Malaysia, and my first impressions have been ripped to tatters. After having had the opportunity to spend some quality hands on time with the Galaxy S3, I have realized that my initial impressions were unfounded. The leaked images of the S3 that appeared in the few days leading up to the S3 launch did not do justice to this amazing piece of technology I hold before me now. Honestly, I am in love. It was love at first touch, and all preconceived notions I had about the S3 design have melted away, and been replaced by pure technological bliss and delight.
                                        "Designed To Make Sense"
                                        Right out of the box, the battery was amazingly thin – thinner than any removable battery I have ever seen or handled. That’s 2100mAh of power that will keep you going for long. Once popped in, the plastic battery cover snapped on easily – something that Samsung has used previously in the S2, Galaxy Nexus and Note. Even with a gigantic4.8” HD Super AMOLED display, the phone feels incredibly light and very comfortable in my hands. Getting the device for the first time, I find myself in a perpetual state of what can only be described as ‘eureka moments’. The whole ‘inspired by nature’ talk began to make sense. It’s a design that works perfectly. Quite simply, the design of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a breath of fresh air in the midst of sharp and edgy ubiquitous mobile design. The Samsung Touchwiz Nature UX is fast and fluid; like the way water ripples with your every touch. This is the most refined version of Touchwiz ever. It is a welcome from the ‘raw and efficient’ versions of homescreens currently on Android. I also commend Samsung for their proper execution of the app drawer. Previously (on the Note), grid view was a mess. However, this time, they included alphabetical grid view, which arranges everything nicely. I wish they gave the same option to the Android 4.0 update to the Note (they didn’t). Going through the ringtone options, the soothing ‘nature’ sounds that are incorporated made me love it more. It’s not just love at first sight, but love at first touch and sound. To be honest, there isn’t anything revolutionary about the hardware. Yes, it does have a 1.4GHz quad core Exynos SoC – which is among the best there is right now. This time though, Samsung actually went above mere raw hardware, and really took their software to the next level. Having used the phone nonstop for the past few days, I can confidently write that Samsung has actually improved on stock Android 4.0 ICS in ways I thought no manufacturer was capable. Spec wise, the device hold its own among the best devices of today, including the HTC One X (both international quad core and its dual core S4 LTE variant), and rips to tatters the best devices of yesteryear, including the S2, the HTC Sensation, and other similarly spec’ed devices. Even though the camera is a ‘measly’ 8MP, it has a new BIS sensor for low light shooting, which really helps to take fantastic shots in low light situations, – with no flash. Apart from these obvious changes, sticking to the 8MP camera makes everything seems quite normal. The amazing, attention grabbing display, all the powerful specs, and the most mature, refined and robust version of Android yet work to create what is arguably the finest performance of any smartphone ever devised.The 1.4GHz quad core Exynos completes any task you throw at it in record time. The result of having the Exynos is extreme fluidity and smoothness, a kind of fluidity that is unparalleled at this point in time. I cannot stress how fast this device is. It’s unlike any device I have ever used – everything occurs instantly. Honestly, i’m speechless. I love everything about the Samsung Galaxy S3. It’s modern, it’s human and it’s closest to being perfect that I think a smartphone could ever be. To see Android having come this far, leaves me in awe. It’s display is the best I have ever witnessed – better than the Galaxy Nexus, HTC One X, iPhone 4S, or that of any mobile device I have ever laid eyes on. Its speed and fluidity of operation are unrivaled, and near instantaneous. Despite its relativley large size, it is remarkably well balanced in the hand, and feels fantastic to the touch. It is, in my opinion, the best Android device – no – the best Smartphone – ever created.
                                        "Courtesy: ...89883/"