iPhone 12 leak: CAD-based renders show design, 120Hz screens and 3x zoom camera tipped

11 May 2020
Details continue to change as Apple engineers try to figure out what works and what doesn't. A 64MP camera apparently falls in the "doesn't" column.

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Anonymous, 15 Jun 2020The iPhone 12 5.4-inch, no doubt it will be 750p LCD. But ... moreAll iPhone 12 models will have omoled

Anonymous, 15 Jun 2020The iPhone 12 5.4-inch, no doubt it will be 750p LCD. But ... moreAs per latest leaks, all new iPhones will have a FHD+ display.

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mgred, 11 May 2020Any word on the resolution? I hope the non-Pro models don't... moreThe iPhone 12 5.4-inch, no doubt it will be 750p LCD. But it comes in handy shape.

DanishBeacon, 12 May 2020Never going to happen! Every time Apple is about to introd... moreToo bad that this thing is gonna sell like crazy!

Go ahead, mock apple all you want! It only helps sales!

Demongornot, 17 May 2020I don't even know why we are argumentation on Formula 1 and... moreBecause you were bringing some unusual examples, and making a big composition..
Even I'm pretty much sure those infos you won't find in wiki as a comparison I gave.. Another thing is, to justify my points more I gave you infos from valid sources rather than stand with individual thought without being a professional than just a geek..

Secondly I said the notch is reduced in the latest iPhone 12 leak and it's possible because of thinner bezel.. Now we have to wait for the physical device leak.. In android dotch for the camera does also makes sense weather it's less or more.. Now mine or your words are just will be an opinion if we don't even like those, where mass people can be found who actually love the middle or side punch hole over the bulky forehead.. So these things are still subjective..
I stand with bezel and sametime don't feel comfortable with mechanical moving camera. I have an anxious feelings to hold the pop up camera, It's my personal thoughts, I can't take it as a general thinking. Although is looks way better no doubt..

Now one silly thing is what we non professional (general term because I'm professional tho) think, have nothing to do with manufacturers and their working process in some way.. But to be frank I've seen only you are against the UD camera technology, where every member in this forum I saw exited about it weather the future is imminent.. As from the close of a manufacturer, their mindset is kind of solid. Like they would stand on a decision they took if the 99% of people is gonna hate it so.. Like the notch decision..
Even today punch hole when is not using light sensor then they won't be using in term of udc for sure.. Unless we can't do nothing about it.. But the hyped thing is, in 2019 various valid sources reported that Samsung will gonna mass production od UDC in 2020.. Now I increase the time to 2021 or 2022 still they will come with a result.
And they're obviously more than qualified professionals sitting at chairs and thinking to do it and they know obviously way more than us. That's why they are at the position.. Another thing is, the industry is doing many such things just the sake of costly R&D, or we couldn't see many amazing invention or features we're using today. Even many things still came out which were looking impossible at some time.. Actually we have our own thoughts, that could be matched with the most or against the most. This is pretty much ok. But when we take our thoughts as general that isn't OK obviously. Because mass people can have the opposite thinking..
Now let's see what happens in future..

Jack20, 17 May 2020Not able to post my full reply.. It will only enable if mod... moreI don't even know why we are argumentation on Formula 1 and Jet Fighters, those were EXEMPLES, and you start going crazy with random specs from Wikipedia...

The point is, the notch can't easily be reduced in height, and even on iOS where it make way more sense than on Android, converting it into an hybrid bezel by making the display on its sides having status icons and no access for other apps would be the best idea.
Having either a bezel or a pop up camera is way better than notch.
And underdisplay tech is totally stupid as there is no worse place to put a light based sensor than beyond a non transparent/opaque surface, it is only hyped but in reality the tech is stupid in its idea, extremely expensive and after years of R&D no prototype worth it have been made, better just put everything on a pop up.

Demongornot, 17 May 2020To be honest, I don't really understand what you mean, ther... moreNot able to post my full reply.. It will only enable if moderators accept.. So don't reply the unfinished comments until whole comment appears

Jack20, 17 May 2020 & 10 nm head-on. That same radar would see an F-35 at 30 nm (all aspect) & 15 nm (or less) coming at it from head on. To put that into perspective, the same radar will see a clean F-16 at 175 nm & a clean F-15 at ~ 300 nm (horizon limited). Both the F-22 & the F-35 are far inside the effective max range of the weapons that they will use to kill the SAM site. The real answer is that it depends on which sort of sensor is looking at it. Now compared Rafale its Armaments and dog flight ratings is..

Cannon GIAT 30M/719B GAU-22/A
Caliber (mm) 30 mm 20 mm
Rate of Fire (rpm) 2500 rpm 4200 rpm
Muzzle Velocity 1025 m/s 1000 m/s
Size Point 10%-30% 20% 20%
Maneuverability9.3 8,5
Thrust/Weight Ratio 1,13 1,07
Operational range 0.2 – 50 km 0.2 – 50 km
AAM (second) R.550 MAGIC II IRIS-T
Operational range 0.3 – 15 km 0.5 – 30 km
Dogfight Rating 76% 70%

Size Comparison
Length 15.27 m – 50 ft 1 in 15.6 m – 50.0 ft
Wingspan 10.80 m 35 ft 4 in 10.7 m – 35 ft 0 in
Wing area 45.7 m² – 492 ft² 42.0 m² – 460 sq ft
Height 5.30 m – 17 ft 3 in 4.33 m – 14.2 ft
Weight 10,100 kg – 22,6k lb 13,200 kg – 30,2k lb
Power 2 x 75 kN – 17k lbf 1 x 190 kN – 43k lbf

So, not too bad you're thinking..

I don't know why do you think the idea is not good except notch. But I believe that most of all related professionals including consumers loved the concept and thoughts.. Each should be have their opinions but that isn't necessary to match with the mass opinions..

Demongornot, 17 May 2020To be honest, I don't really understand what you mean, ther... more &

Demongornot, 17 May 2020To be honest, I don't really understand what you mean, ther... moreDrs on/off, activate/inactive, enable/disable
All term are commonly used and not hard to get the meaning..

As I'm not an jet pilot or not related to the manufacturing process, I can only say from the sources of specific sites.. Even the thing I said was reported in USA's site where more capable jet f-22 was downloaded to f35 in those sections.. Which is more capable in most capable than most of jet there. Still my love t 57 pak has a good technique to beat its altitude, vertical missile fire..
Talking about stealth its really a difficult thing to say. I won't bring many examples but If we take the F-22 as the stealth standard & use the originally admitted F-35 data, a Russian S-400 SAM battery multi-wavelength search & fire-control radar can see an F-22 at ~ 17 nm (all aspect) &

Jack20, 17 May 2020Dude I'm damn sure you didn't understand what I meant by ha... moreTo be honest, I don't really understand what you mean, there is something off about your sentences...

DRS isn't "off", it is the standard configuration of the rear wing, it can be "activated" on zones, outside of them, it is just the regular F1 wing.

And I don't get where you got any info on the Fighter 35 being the best in air to air considering it is barely combat proven against really old tech or why the Rafale (not rafael), Typhoon, SAAB Gripen all 3 having the MBDA Meteor or SU-57 with the R-77 are less effective in air to air.
The F-35 is a lemon that can't do anything without his stealth which is already compromised, there are tons of indications that passive radar stealth are totally useless, even the B-2 is actually using plasma to hide itself not doesn't count on real stealth, it was proven stealth isn't invisible since the F-117 was shot down, stealth only mean shorter range before being spotted and locked and only work on certain conditions, also a stealth aircraft can't use active radar or it give away its position.
The F-35 doesn't have time to loiter and can't flight well at slow speed, making it a terribly bad aircraft for air to ground except of quick strike and egress missions...
Carrying any useful weapons for the F-35 mean compromising its stealth which is its only argument.

Underdisplay camera technology is one of the worse idea ever imagined for smartphones, at the same level as notches and punch holes...

French, why ?

Demongornot, 17 May 2020What do you mean ? DRS always meant a single thing, its the... moreDude I'm damn sure you didn't understand what I meant by half. I don't know where did you get I said drs is signal things or bla. Then when I said that DRS (on) will work on during cornering? Didn't I say racers only use it when end of corner, same way assisted by kers.. It's only used as OFF in cornering.. You need to reread again I think..

And you again brought a massive pointless topics what I won't read again..

Now about F35.. The reason I like most about f35, the F-35's air-to-air capability is superior to all other fighters. The F-35 is better than any other fighter aircraft, including the F-22, for air-to-ground strike missions. I don't know where did you hear that f35 can't carry much weapons but in term of Armament it has similar ratings as Rafael.. Although in dog fight I know Rafael would win unless F35 would be able to find Rafael being stealth at the first place, because the Rafael is more agile.. And spot on a stealth isn't so easy as it like to hear. Just one news yet reported on f-22 taken down issue, so it's not a noticeable fact yet. But the 5th all stealth could take on even two Rafael because of “first shot, first kill” technologies.. So this thing are still subjective..

And for about notch.. I think the trend will be running until under display camera is introduced..

Are you from Europe?

Jack20, 17 May 2020I think you didn't get what term I used DRS for.. Both DRS ... moreWhat do you mean ? DRS always meant a single thing, its the mechanism of modifying the wing orientation to switch from high drag and downforce to low drag and downforce, it can't be used on corner as you need downforce so the only g it add is during acceleration, but there too you need downforce to accelerate strongly, that's the DRS zone is often placed on spot where you already have enough speed to flat out, but the DRS doesn't lower the drag enough to provide really that much g force, you only gain a small amount of acceleration.
Quote :
"The FIA estimate the speed increase to be between 10–12 km/h by the end of the activation zone."
That's really nothing acceleration wise considering how long those zone are relative to the speed gain.
Lets calculate it, DRS can give you up to 10 to 12 Km/s higher top speed, a long DRS zone is Spa with the Kemmel Straight, in 2018 Lewis Hamilton's pole lap he crossed this DRS zone in ~7,5 seconds.
So from 0 to 12Km/h in 7 seconds give you less than 0.05g...That's NOTHING, DRS doesn't affect significantly the g forces.

You can't use DRS during a corner, it would mean lack of downforce which mean slower cornering speed.
KERS is literally an hybrid solution using electric motor to give more HP, you can't use it DURING a corner too though as most corners aren't taken flat out, same when entering a corner when you basically break as efficiently as possible, but at the end of a corner, when you straighten out and you can apply full throttle, the KERS can be useful, the DRS will have to wait until you are perfectly straight to work well and anyway the DRS area are only on straights...

The F35 is far from being good at multirole, it can't carry much weapons, he isn't that good on dogfighting, stealth mean nothing, mostly knowing Rafale have optical sensors that can and have easily spotted the F22 Raptor and Russian have long range thermal sensors that do the same, they also use passive radar tech that can easily reveal stealth aircraft, the same way as something passing in front of a light they can detect where background radiations are obscured, making stealth self defeated, the Rafale though use an ACTIVE stealth system which is better than the F35 passive stealth.
For dogfight the Rafale proved to be able to match and even defeat the F22, which is why Frenchs aren't invited anymore at Red Flag exercices, as the Rafale put the Raptor to shame.
I am not saying the F35 is bad, but the Rafale is better, the only OMNIROLE aircraft of the planet who can switch mission type during its own mission, carrier operable and compatible with French AND US carriers, really easy, cheap and fast to maintain, it can launch the Meteor missile which is one of the best, if not THE best air-air missile...
The F35 isn't finished yet and still have problems and is barely combat proven, the Rafale is fully combat proven.

Most peoples are using notch because most smartphone on sale have them, notch and punch hole are everywhere, they spread like a disease and there is almost no other options left.

Demongornot, 16 May 2020DRS only affect g forces because of acceleration, and by on... moreI think you didn't get what term I used DRS for.. Both DRS on or off effect g force. BY enabling it, the acceleration become the vital part because of less down force..
KERS is a system similar to Pull Back car we played in our childhood.. But it has nothing to do with corner speed but After corner acceleration, I think you mentioned that. But you got one confusion. DRS is the thing part of the whole racing. And both kers and drs (on) used in end or a corner for more acceleration.. It's obvious to use drs (on) in primary acceleration.. And kers is being used automatically when the car is being retard.
And for multirole jet. I would pick the F-35 because it's a fifth generation stealth..

Today most of people are using notch still who wouldn't like a full display device..

Jack20, 16 May 2020Until your torque function, you've just repeated my words m... moreDRS only affect g forces because of acceleration, and by only a little bit because by having less drag you can accelerate a little more, but this is negligible, the DRS is almost more useful to squeeze a little higher top speed.
But KERS when it is activated give you more power, allowing you to both make a quicker acceleration by the end of a curve (that DRS wouldn't), but also accelerate more in straight line, both giving more g.
So I don't get why you talk about DRS for g forces...
Anyway that's not the point here, it was just an exemple of how specialized things, engines or not, are often (almost always) better at their job than multirole equivalent, or at least for components, final products can be polyvalent and top perform at each tasks, the French jet fighter Rafale is a good exemple of that.

I think if anyone had the choice between a notch and a fulldisplay, no one would ever consider the notch, the bezel is different because peoples are in a war against anything other than fulldisplay, despite the top bezel actually causing no issues, being mad at the bezel is like being mad that the real world around the phone is making the display small...
Better turn the notch into something useful like a bezel rather than having something that can negatively affect the experience...

Demongornot, 16 May 2020Except that F1 engine count on high RPM to produce the requ... moreUntil your torque function, you've just repeated my words more vastly..
And DRS does use in both term by enabling or not.. So should have understood that as well if you're deeply related with f1.. I never meant KERS here. I think you missed out when I mentioned g force.. That indicates not enabling of DRS..

For iPhone reduce is the best term of use now..

Jack20, 16 May 2020Yeah it's so obvious! And the same way a better idea to min... moreExcept that F1 engine count on high RPM to produce the required power, even the V6 Turbo which had a dramatic RMP reduction since the V8, V10 & V12, are still quite high RPM with 15000 RPM.
Remember that power (here HP) is a function of speed (here RPM) and force (here torque), to have high power with low torque, you need high RPM.
And the DRS is Drag Reduction System, it is only used on straight line as it reduce the downforce (to reduce aerodynamic friction/resistance/drag), you probably meant the KERS Kinetic Energy Recovery System that is a regenerative breaking made for race, but even there it doesn't add THAT much, the engine still make most of its power, unlike say hybrid LMP cars who have really powerful electric units.
So you probably meant "lower torque at higher RPM".

And the notch doesn't need to be reduced, it just need to be removed or made into an hybrid notch/display for status icons only (but it only work on iOS and would have work on Windows Phone, but it isn't adapted to Android).

Demongornot, 16 May 2020If you say so... Just for short, it would be cheaper and b... moreYeah it's so obvious! And the same way a better idea to minimize notch surface..

Demongornot, 16 May 2020But you'll never archive a result that can compete against ... moreF1 cars use short stock engine.. That help to gain a high engine speed or excessively higher rpm.. It also prevent a catastrophic engine failure.. As for lighter engine and rod to connection the AVS usually added.. So higher rpm low bearings damages and so on.. So lower torque won't effect gain a quicker acceleration because of short stock higher rpm.. The cars are lighter by it self unless increasing the g force by drs.. Even I was said the same. Lower torque in a lower rpm is the key technique to gain top speeds..

Jack20, 16 May 2020Again an unusual big reply! Keep reply shorter will makes s... moreIf you say so...
Just for short, it would be cheaper and better to have multiple sensors and there are other sensors that can/should also be added, using a single multirole sensor would seriously impede this possibility, the same way as punch hole does actually...