The Nokia 9.3 PureView will record 8K video and have exclusive ZEISS effects

12 May 2020
The 108MP camera and Snapdragon 865 chipset that this phone allegedly has should have no issues with 8K/30fps video.

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Al-Aqsa Lover, 13 May 2020Some features are very excessive and overkill for smartphon... moreHex edited PUBG Global edition will uncap the 60FPS to 90FPS. Great for 90hz panels like mine. But if you use HDR/Extreme settings. You really need a gaming phone like I have. Because your running 90FPS... At the best graphical settings possible. So you need that forced maximum overclock on the CPU and GPU as well as the the high touch sampling and most important...... To be able to keep that maximum brute force for long periods of time without overheating... So you will need your gaming device to be seriously cooled and its temperature stable. Within acceptable range. That way you can sustain a 92%+ CPU/GPU overclock for hours and hours of insane, and intensive game play at 90FPS on a 90hz panel for example... Remember... 90 frames per second... Pubg...

Some features are very excessive and overkill for smartphones nowadays:
8K Video recording is overkill,
QuadHD and 4k Displays are overKill,
FHD+ are so sufficient..
HDR improvements are much needed,
Better games are much needed to match the impressive hardware we have nowadays in phones.
90Hz is not overkill.
90Fps for video recorded is needed

MATE 30 PRO 5G, 13 May 2020I have got GMS. Anything else ??no, you are not :D

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Nick Tagataka, 13 May 2020Honestly I still don't see the point of having 8K video on ... moreFrom HMD? Probably to have something to brag at release event... If your phone arrives the last one, doesn't match the image quality of cheaper competitors, etc. Well, tell the world that you have the best numbers!!! 8K , 22 cameras at the back ( only 1 useful), alleged Zeiss lenses (ask $$$ more), and ozo sound!!!

Then behind the scenes, silently... Cut in SoC with underclocked ones but hiding it, simple copper stick as cooling system, cut to cheaper displays, cut with no microSD, cut with no audio jack, cut in charger, use the typical puch hole, notch or generic design, mono speakers maybe?. BUT BUT BUT "PROMISE" a lot of updates... and finally ask a big price!!! Premium, premium!!!! Watch this amazing phone, you can read Nokia (They forgot add the HMD to the name...) at the front and Zeiss at the back. Wohoo!!! And also record 8k videos!!! ^^

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--voltaire9, 13 May 2020With no Selfie Camera?Yeah rightsome says its an pop-up other's say its underscreen

Honestly I still don't see the point of having 8K video on a phone when most compact cameras and DSLR can only record up to 4K. Most tech reviewers are giving up on properly assessing the quality of 8K videos from smartphones because they don't even have a monitor that supports a resolution that high to start with, and you're sacrificing a lot of stuffs for a marginal gain in details.

MATE 30 PRO 5G, 13 May 2020... and HMD will release it in 2022 :-DDDDVery funny.

With no Selfie Camera?Yeah right

*Going up: Samsung. Huawei, Xiaomi, Realme, OnePlus, Honor, Oppo ... add yours.

*Going down: Nokia, Sony, HTC, LG, Motorola ... add yours.

*Always the same but a very little better: Apple

pro, 13 May 2020at least with GMS :DDDI have got GMS. Anything else ??

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The invisible phone, built of smoke and rumors...

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as usual, 13 May 2020As usuall this device will come whit SD 855+ :D like Nokia ... moreThe diiference between sd 865 and sd 855+ is minimal in real world just specs are better

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I have 4K ability on my current smartphone-camera. I never use it. Why the heck would I need 8K? Please give me a big battery combined with not too big screen instead! I want 3 day battery life on a 2020 flagship smartphone!

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Come on show it!

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As usuall this device will come whit SD 855+ :D like Nokia like to do put older processors :)

WB, 13 May 2020just because SD865 supports 8k doesn’t mean it’s a must to ... moreI 100% agree with this statement. Further delay is not justified, especially for some luxury features, such as 8k@30fps.

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As a Nokia 9 user I can say that it is worth waiting for!

  • Anonymous

iPhone beater

At the moment, I currently have a Nokia Lumia 1020 and Microsoft Lumia 950 serving as my daily driver. I personally had tried out upper midrange and flagship Android-powered Nokia, but none of them can lure me away from both of my Lumias. I definitely have high hopes for the 9.3 to deliver a Lumia-like photo quality, although I do wish that Nokia would reignite their brilliant oversampling technique as they did with the Lumia 1020 and the 808 PureView back then.

P.S 'Oversampling' and 'Quad Bayer' are a completely different animal altogether despite the pixel binning nature.

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MATE 30 PRO 5G, 13 May 2020... and HMD will release it in 2022 :-DDDDat least with GMS :DDD