The Nokia 9.3 PureView will record 8K video and have exclusive ZEISS effects

12 May 2020
The 108MP camera and Snapdragon 865 chipset that this phone allegedly has should have no issues with 8K/30fps video.

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  • a

hope they have bigger battery too.

  • Anonymous

"For Pro mode, they are refining the image processing algorithms and manual controls."
Smartphone camera manufacturers need to understand that a white balance slider needs to be there in auto mode, as pro modes usually deliver worse image quality than auto.

  • Anonymous

I'm positive they still have some good phones to make. But i really enjoyed the flat back of the last pureview. Camera bump is just a trend i don't think is necessary!
On the other hand it really ties well with the rest of the lineup. seems like a uniform offering.

  • GnuLinux

Real Nokia died long time ago. This HMD/Nokia is a bad joke.