Motorola switches its stance and promises two major Android OS updates for Edge+

13 May 2020
The company has initially only promised to update the $1000 phone to Android 11.

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Anonymous, 13 May 2020S8 has only one year of quarterly security updates left, do... moreYou are right, I miscalculated. But +1 year left is about 4 years in total.

  • Anonymous

if they can change their stand now.... im not surprise if they will change again in the future...

remember this thing also happened with moto g series a few year ago.. plus i dont really trust lenovo with their promises.

  • Anonymous

Anders, 13 May 2020They lost trust and credibility when they announced a $1,00... moreNever cared about latest version of Android. They are extremely overrated.
For example on Xiaomi phones, MIUI delivers weekly updates on global beta & stable updates every 2-3 months on global stable firmware.
The latest version of Android usually has features ported from miui and other skins.

So they will release 2 major update for 10 person that mistekly buyed this garbage when they was high

  • RejZoR

Whatever they promise on Android it's always a joke. Apple supports all phones for 5 major updates. Partially thanks to smaller yearly lineups opposed to all the Android makers who released 5 phones every month... Of course no one can then support bazillion devices and they just dump them basically in few months.

NotAnOpinion, 13 May 2020"They lost trust and credibility when they announced a $1,0... moreSamsung give 2 OS updates for their flagships and I'll say whatever I want you pitiful loser

  • LG User

Wait. You guys are getting updates?

  • Anonymous

O can't trust on their promise

  • Anonymous

KondriX, 13 May 2020Looks like everyone is not buying a phone for the functions... moreThere is way more than new features and visual differences between Android versions. Kernel optimizations, firmware patches, new APIs, driver updates, security updates... and many other things that you don't see with the naked eye.
Security updates alone isn't enough... The vast majority of smartphone users don't buy a new phone for just 1 year (especially at that price range). And even less are able to install custom roms, IF they are available and phones not bootlocked by the manufactures.
When phones manufactuers wants nowadays 1000 euro for their devices, they should at least support them for 4+ years.

YUKI93, 13 May 2020What's the point of buying a brand new phone but never rece... moreI am not saying about zero updates, and even Moto said at least 1-2 updates, security maybe even more, which is fine I guess.. You're buying a smartphone for the functions you can use now, not in a year or two.. I am not against updates, it's just not a big problem now.. Or you can always buy an unlocked phone and install custom Roms if tou want updates for a long time..

  • Anonymous

2 major updates seems ok like others. Don´t get all this fuss

Every manufacturer should be made to offer at least 2. Especially when charging that much. It seems so counterintuitive to make a flagship then restrict it's sales potential by making it exclusive. Lenovo have truly ruined the Motorola brand.

Without excellent after sale service companies are considered as less standard. If you can not give service like Apple then how you deserve more customer like Apple fans?

  • Anonymous

Mr. Anonymous, 13 May 2020Samsung has much better track for their flagship devices. ... moreS8 has only one year of quarterly security updates left, don't spread misinformation like "few more years of updates".......

KondriX, 13 May 2020Looks like everyone is not buying a phone for the functions... moreWhat's the point of buying a brand new phone but never receive any single software version update or security patches? At that point, I'd give it to someone from a third world country!

Looks like everyone is not buying a phone for the functions it offers but for updates.. It's not like your phone will stop functioning if it remains on Android 11, 12 and so on.. Nowadays even there is not a very big difference between Android versions.

  • Anonymous

In 2 years from now they might be dead.

LOL. Promise is so easy to make. I mean seriously, what are you going to do if Motorola doesn’t deliver the promise (like what they’ve been doing)? Of course Motorola will say anything to make people give them $1000. In two years time, who cares?

Anyone dumping $1000 for a phone nowadays should really only be looking at Google or Apple and Maybe Samsung. Those three have enough resources to stand behind their products and a reputation to preserve. Motorola has more or less juat became another third tier smartphone manufacturer.

  • AnonD-926702

so essentially they planned for this phone to be obsolete in exact a year for you spend another 1000 dollar on their new toy, what audacity these companies have, this is a joke, just saying this is ridiculous ... 1000 Dollar for a phone like any other and they even straight out told the costumers indirectly it will be obsolete in a year, how can we still even have this discussion about android OEMs and their lack of major update and security patches, the only ones who update on a constant level are up to this day only apple and google, even samsung, huawei and xiaomi with their gigantic recources cant be bothered to update their phones regularly, what a joke