Samsung Galaxy Note20+ to have a 4,500mAh battery, 108MP camera

18 May 2020
The Galaxy Note20+ will match the Galaxy S20+ in battery capacity and have the Ultra's camera.

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  • Anonymous

I don't get it. If it has the 108MP sensor for standard wide, why go for a lower res 64MP for tele camera if it has the same standard wide lens? 26mm or 28mm, that's the same thing. The 108MP would let you crop even more.

YUKI93, 18 May 2020But the LG has support for Wacom Active Pen stylus and the ... moreBecause s pen takes certain space inside note , note line were always bigger than s line so they were getting bigger battery but this time they are same size
I really don't like this idea and tbh separated pen is better like lg with v60

  • The anonymous Note

The features that are implemented in the note 20 plus are worthy and so I’m getting the note 20 plus, as soon as Samsung opens the pre-order I’m gonna buy one. This time the note seems promising and well done. This time the note series are so different from the galaxy S series which is something so good. Can’t wait to preorder one

Everyone would stop taking serious "hybrid zoom" when crapping a high res sensor is the thing. Also, the best solution cause telephoto sensors don't work well in low light.

  • Anonymous

Nothing New, 18 May 2020S penSounds as hilarious as the excuse to get rid of the 3.5mm jack just to add 400mah to the Note 10 lineup.

  • Dometalican

Then... it's probably coming with the same 12MP Wide-angle lens. Oof.

That battery is not going to be good enough. Don't care about the 'more efficient' OLED material, 4,500 will not give you a day of heavy usage (especially for something that advertises sketching). Oh well.

  • AnonD-909757

As long as it have the Qualcomm 3D Sonic Max ultrasonic underdisplay fingerprint scanner and that they implement it well so other brand are inspired by that and finally get rid of the prehistorical optical and capacitive fingerprint scanner for those amazing and way better ultrasonic ones...
I don't care how this phone that I'll certainly not buy (because of the idiotic punch hole and curved screen) will be !

Though considering the size of the Galaxy Note series, a 4.5Ah battery is not that big capacity...

  • Daaaamnit

LilPhone, 18 May 2020Samsung is clearly behind Apple and many Chinese OEMs recen... moreThey may be behind with sales but not technology. Apple phones are overrated and overpriced.
If Samsung does the same, they're "overpriced" look at the technology, innovation battery life etc. Whereas Apple lacks in each of those departments.

iPhone 12. Same design as ages ago. Why? 😂😂 They didn't go for the 64mp camera. Why? Because they couldn't implement the software for it.

Nothing New, 18 May 2020S penBut the LG has support for Wacom Active Pen stylus and the Wacom is far better than the EMR S Pen.

  • .alpha

Another year where Note is just a S with stylus. Miss the years when Samsung have new tech on Note instead of just playing safe and let the Chinese innovate

  • MatPit

LilPhone, 18 May 2020Samsung is clearly behind Apple and many Chinese OEMs recen... moreyou can't compare between all of those companies, because of the covid 19 the smartphone sales dropped in the whole world.
Samsung just released the S20 on the worst time ever.

YUKI93, 18 May 2020I wonder why Samsung isn't putting the same 5000mAh battery... moreS pen

I wonder why Samsung isn't putting the same 5000mAh battery from the Galaxy S20 Ultra. If this real, there is nothing to worry about with the LG V60 despite no dedicated slot for a third-party stylus.

Well that don't look like a huge upgrade over my N10+ :(

120Hz is useless because of the huge impact on SoT, the chip won't be better than SD865, and I prefere the "old" 12MP camera over that 108 from S20U. It's gonna be Fold 2 or N21+ next year :(

  • Anonymous

LilPhone, 18 May 2020Many phones require you to pay extra if you want to increas... moreUh...there's something we call a... microSd???

  • LilPhone

Anonymous, 18 May 2020That's because the S20 lineup (or some of them) have a supp... moreMany phones require you to pay extra if you want to increase storage. Google charges you to upgrade Pixel 4 storage (by $100), S20 would be like $50 I think (same as regular iPhone 11). Only Oppo Find X2 and Mi 10 has a fixed storage amount.

  • Aflal

Samsung has been doing well before but now, i don't like Samsung because even s20 design is not what I want. Rather than complaining about Samsung models, i am gonna shift from Samsung to iPhone or some Chinese smartphone like Xiaomi.
RIP Samsung

  • Anonymous

Sad to see battery capacities like these become news material. If only the were removable, Zerolemon and other would have up to 10k mah battery for them.

But that would mean less sale for the maker so guess what they did to the battery.

And in case someone points out ip rating = sealed battery, take a look at a certain 2020 model released by Samsung. Which was ironically NOT PROMOTED and was LAUNCHED SILENTLY in a few EU countries.

  • M

Hope the vanilla Note 20 will come with 12MP IMX555, and the new Exynos 992 needs to be better in terms of battery consumption.

  • Anonymous

LilPhone, 18 May 2020Samsung is clearly behind Apple and many Chinese OEMs recen... moreThat's because the S20 lineup (or some of them) have a supposedly unfixable hardware flaw.

And it is unfair to use the base iphone 12 to mock other companies flagships. Currently iphones have no means to expand storage unless you pay more to get the next model.