Huawei Y8p quietly unveiled with 6.3" OLED screen, 48MP RYYB camera, Kirin 710F

18 May 2020
The phone is really a rebranded Enjoy 10s. It will be available in a couple of weeks.

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  • Ted

Huawei app store, old kirin 710 processor, proprietary memory card...thanks, but a big No. Huawei is dead outside China. I will get Samsung A31 or one of the new Oppo...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 May 2020Yeah that's sad. I've used to love Huawei phones because th... moreYou're right. They use good oled

  • Hamed

Lol, I knew it's a Kirin 710 phone before reading the news.
So many Huawei phones with 710 this year...

  • Anonymous

overprice crap... again .... im understand that their flagship is pricier because of Leica branding ... but this? not worth it .

nowadays if you want to get a huawei experienced ... better wait for honor brand to release it counterpart with different naming and lower price.

  • Anonymous

6.3 inch amoled is the perfect display imo. All its other features are quite good too. I guess people will put up with the slower charging if the price is right. I mean look at iPhone SE 5 watt charging and 1,800 mah battery.

An honor x10 pro with oled and 90hz display that's all my wishes for now

Wow a new sensor for a low end device this is interesting

  • Anonymous

There will be 10watt charger on Huawei the end

Urgh nm cards again, really.

  • Jimbob

P30 is that you....?

  • Anonymous

Are you sure it's kirin710f and not kirin 710a

  • Anonymous

GeeX, 18 May 2020Whoooh, huawei with OLED and a midrange device.. I thought... moreYeah that's sad. I've used to love Huawei phones because they don't use crappy oled

Whoooh, huawei with OLED and a midrange device..
I thought this day will never come.. I'm not sure it's a midrange though..

  • Anonymous

abdullah jan, 18 May 2020price of the phone please245 euro

  • abdullah jan

price of the phone please

A 99% discount for the band? Why not 99,9999%?