Poco TWS earbuds will be named Poco Pop Buds

19 May 2020
Over 9,000 people chose this name over the Poco Move Buds, Poco Funkz, or Poco Klip Buds.

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  • Anonymous
  • XTk
  • 20 May 2020

i'm quite surprised no one complaining about this being apple copycat just because it have perfectly functional shape yet

    Not a fan of the design, but the name Poco Pop rolls off the tongue well. A fan of the name.

      • S
      • Shuwatch Sya
      • 7X9
      • 19 May 2020

      Ugly AF

        Great tongue twister.

          • N
          • Nagar
          • DkP
          • 19 May 2020

          They should have given the option of puds. Poco +buds. I didn't like any of the options. Waiting for official release of these and poco F2 in India