Motorola Edge+ arrives in India, sales begin May 26

19 May 2020
It's powered by the Snapdragon 865 SoC, supports 5G networks, and sports a 108MP camera.

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anup137, 21 May 2020Motorola wants user to pay 75k for the technology which is ... moreI agree with U on the 5G point all the mobile phone manufacturers are pushing higher end processor supporting 5G thus pushing the costs higher and forcing us to buy a product with a feature which is not going to be available for minimum next 2 years, we are not even on trial stage of 5G forget about roll out dates.

I blv any sane person with some gray matter will understand that 5G feature is nothing but gimmick as on date till the time technology becomes standrad and by that time we will on our way to sell off the 2 year old phone.

Motorola wants user to pay 75k for the technology which is yet to come in india. Whats the use of 5G phone n why people should spend on 5g tech when service provider is not available. Moto has gone crazy.
Thumbs down ,this model is flop

  • AnonD-864704

Anonymous, 20 May 2020Would you like to have a top of a line phone with GREAT spe... moreI assume you are not from India. If you are, please check the prices of Samsung S20, OnePlus 8/8 Pro, IPhone 11, IPhone SE 2020, RealMe X50, OPPO Find X2 and some.more and then look at Moto's pricing. May be then you can try and have some comment on it.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-864704, 19 May 2020Motorola lives in another world altogether, not even in Par... moreWould you like to have a top of a line phone with GREAT specs for $300? What a mindset you have there.

  • Ankit S

Are you nuts??? or is Moto Gone Bonkers :-(

865+LPDDR5 12GB+256+UFS3.1 should not be above 48-49 if they want to sell it india..

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  • wasim

Nokia and Moto R.I.P

Companies should think twice before launching a ₹50,000 phone , thrice at ₹60,000 and never beyond ₹70,000 :D

  • Anonymous

Is the battery replaceable? No? Then I'll kindly pass.

  • AnonD-864704

Motorola lives in another world altogether, not even in Parallel universe.
They priced this at $992 as of current rates. It is literally the most stupid thing I've ever seen in the past few months.
They should change the tagline from "Hello Moto" to "Dumbo Moto" or "Dead-On-Arrival Moto".

  • Xperia all the way


  • Ankur

Just two words... RIP Motorola!!

Just because you made a good smartphone this time doesn't really mean you gonna eff the price up. :/ not happening.

  • Karan

It's a joke really to price it at INR 75K , the S20+ and the oneplus 8 Pro are cheaper and better phones than this.
Even the note 10 or the iphone 11 are great options.
It's a no brainer to price this phone like it is priced.
I wouldn't even buy it for 40K , given that oneplus 8 is selling for 42K here in India.

  • Anonymous

One plus 8 pro 256gb variant in india costs $790

  • Bablu

Such high price and only Single Sim. Uffff MOTO what have you don.

Sure. You can take my money. Not!

Mohit001, 19 May 2020totally wastage 9f money.. there is only oled s... moreMotorola will not be able to sell a single unit at that insane sky high price in a super competitive market like India. They do not garner that level of brand value here.

  • Anonymous

It's almost double the price of One Plus 8 in India.

totally wastage 9f money.. there is only oled super amoled or amoled