Nokia 5.1 Plus now receiving Android 10

19 May 2020
The rollout for the update kicked off in India. This brings the total to 15 phones that HMD updated to the latest Android version.

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i love to test all nokia phone

  • SG

But we where not told that we will loose 3rd party app push notifications (eg. Facebook). This battery optimization they gat going on this phones is messing with them more especially with this Android 10. Since it's optimized the os will push the app to cached services unless if you open the app and refresh the notification panel you will then see your notifications. They will have to fix this. I don't know who Mark Zuckerberg or Google I don't care. Fix this!!!

  • Tom

Joydip, 13 Jun 2020Still no update in my Nokia 5.1 PlusHeard that it's a complete mess, so don't worry, better if you stick with A9.

  • Joydip

Still no update in my Nokia 5.1 Plus

  • dimitry

wifi issue where it wont list the wifi u were previously connected. so annoying

  • sessions

It was supposed to have it by enough. Since it is stock Android, it shouldn't take so long.
Eagerly waiting for this

Pro, 20 May 2020My phone is getting error keep stop... moreMaybe before your update you downloaded one thing have virus

Samsung should learn and start providing 2 major updates to their mid range line.

  • Pro

My phone is getting error keep stopping after update

  • Zsolti

Nokia 1 plus already received Android 10 Go update:

Waiting for the Android 10 update on my 5.1 Plus. Good news the rollout started as of today.