Oppo Find X2 Pro, Neo and Lite launch in Germany with Bluetooth headphones as early bird bonus

20 May 2020
The Pro model gets Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H8i, which cost €400 on their own.

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  • Brandon
  • k3s
  • 22 May 2020

I'm really sad that Oppo doesn't use sd card slots.

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    • Ben
    • HC9
    • 21 May 2020

    What makes them think a phone deserves 1200! Madness. Wallets will vote.

      I wonder how the early-adapters feel now that these devices comes with perks but they lost out on these free(?) gestures?

      That is why you never preorder and/or allow yourself to become beta-testers on a new product and it is always best to wait at least a few months from released date before even considering pulling-the-trigger on said device.

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        • Anonymous
        • 8q}
        • 20 May 2020

        we have a growing 5G network? bruh, we don't even have proper 4G in many places yet

          And instead of this crappy move, why don't you drop the price let's say ... To 999 without any headphones ? The offer is kinda nice but the price is unattractive as hell :/

          Also, if you want to go in that price league, ditch the notch and the curved screen.

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            • AnonD-909757
            • pZQ
            • 20 May 2020

            Yeah, go ahead Oppo, make 3 phone out of the original Find X, two with punch hole and one with notches which are the two most hated thing of modern smartphones and certainly don't make one with pop up which was the signature of the original and what made its success thanks to true fulldisplay and 3D facial recognition...
            Genius !