Unreleased Sony Ericsson W707 prototype with unique button display surfaces

21 May 2020
Beneath the rectangular external display is a circular display that shows music controls and a clock.

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obviously canceled because it was to ugly

I wish Sony would bring back the Walkman & Cybershot range,

Really think they are missing a trick here.

  • Anonymous

OMG. I really miss my w550... OMG OMG.. I want that phones back.

release it gdmit
I really miss MegaBass in my head

I wonder, why phones like those hard to find this days..
It's a shame..feature phones are still very valuable..
I would buy one definitely..


This was the article from 2008. The phone featured in Quantum of Solace!

  • Anonymous

would love to see the rise of the likes of this phone again. So much nostalgia and design creativity

Looks amazing. I miss the era of featurephones.
We do have some reasonable featurephones now, but nothing like they used to be.

  • Anonymous

i bet the screen is not really responsive ... that why SE never released this ...

the screen might be a resistive type rather than modern capacitive type... but it still a cool concept back in the days... even nokia 5800xpressmusic use resistive touch screen and people buy it back then.

  • Anonymous

Isn't this prototype been around for a while? I remember reading an article about this prototype long time ago

  • Dobridin

Me likey! Looks really well. I use to have a walkman phone and I loved it!

  • Kek

Well, I hope Sony or Samsung take notes about this flip phone, and get some ideas of how they could apply something useful to the outer screen of those flexible phones

Wow! Now, this is a real scary movie from the past!

Sheesh, Sony!

Too horrible to continue to watch.

*covers both eyes - peeking through the left eye*

Spanky, 21 May 2020Ah, Sony Ericsson. I feel like I'm in the 2000s again… I... moreIt's fairly common for such prototypes to emerge only much much later after development was ended/cancelled. Sometimes, it's from a contractor who kept one and sold it in a garage sale or whatnot. Or a company branch/third-party partner who went bankrupt and sold everything they had in the building.

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Spanky, 21 May 2020Ah, Sony Ericsson. I feel like I'm in the 2000s again… I... moreTrue but love it.

Ah, Sony Ericsson. I feel like I'm in the 2000s again…

I wonder how the seller got his hands on this model? An ex employee who nicked the prototype? An elaborate fake? And why wait for so long to „release“ it? It's like new 2PAC songs mysteriously getting released every now and then.

So many questions, so much nostalgia.

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Live my Xperia 1 but they need to bring some of their magic back from their Walkman, CyberShot etc eras.