Samsung Galaxy Note 20 alleged CAD renders leak with Galaxy S20 Ultra’s camera setup

22 May 2020
Its dimensions make it about the same size as the Samsung Galaxy Note10+.

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sri, 26 May 2020The purpose of a curved display to is to have immersive exp... moreThat is what they say in the ads however I had the Note 8 and now have the Note 9 and I am not happy with a curved screen. It actually makes viewing anything LESS immersive and it makes the S-Pen less usable because you cannot actually draw all over the screen! There will be two Note 20 versions with both flat and curved screen so anyone can choose but personally I would go with the flat screen now. The only phone on Earth where I adored curved screen was the Galaxy S6 Edge and Edge+. Those are the two most beautiful modern phones ever!

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    • handyman
    • 3qj
    • 08 Jun 2020

    I think that Samsung has realised that the curved screen was not as popular as they had expected. I welcome the new approach in the S20s. I used to be a big Samsung fan over the years but stopped buying their flagships because of the curve. Another step Samsung has to take is remove bloatware like Facebook & Co. etc. I don't like that they force these apps on customers. Let the customer decide himself if he wants to install those apps or not.

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      • 05 Jun 2020

      sri, 26 May 2020The purpose of a curved display to is to have immersive exp... moreCurved displays are the biggest nonsense in mobile telephony. Now all they have to do is remove the stupid notch.

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        • sri
        • K5i
        • 26 May 2020

        The purpose of a curved display to is to have immersive experience when watching media/videos. AND have a great spen and all the specs. Removing curves feels like a step backward.

          Wrong. It's dimensions are closer to those of the Galaxy Note 9.

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            • 7X2
            • 25 May 2020

            Ill keep avoiding samsung till they provide Snapdragon variant in my region.

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              • Maru
              • 0Ua
              • 24 May 2020

              the iris scan would be great at this moment when we all need to wear masks and gloves, and would be a complete phone with ir blaster, miss it from the note 4.

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                • luka3rd
                • JFk
                • 24 May 2020

                Another dud design...
                Since Samsung passed S9 (retina scan, heart rate sensor, stereo... Slim, small) they are going down the hill.

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                  • 24 May 2020

                  AndroidMaster, 24 May 2020Best Face ID? Oh the one that doesn't work if you were a ma... moreIt works now with 13.5 update you can use with mask, the only bad thing about Face ID it’s not secure in case of twins.

                    Anonymous, 23 May 2020Still hidden the best Face ID of any phones around.Best Face ID? Oh the one that doesn't work if you were a mask.
                    Or the one which is so secure that anyone can hold it up against your face and unlock it.

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                      • 23 May 2020

                      Anonymous, 22 May 2020Last I checked, the jack still exists in 2020.Only on lg and Sony phones that doesn’t even sale in all countries.

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                        • 23 May 2020

                        AndroidMaster, 23 May 2020Wouldn't touch that ugly notch with a 10 foot pole. Still hidden the best Face ID of any phones around.

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                          • 23 May 2020

                          Liber, 23 May 2020What is your current phone ?It is S7. Great compact phone.. Can't find a new flagship compact that would have all what i want. A small note with QHD+ and 120hz will be the winner, but the leaks say it won't have that.

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                            • 23 May 2020

                            talha5007, 22 May 2020happy to see a flat screen note device, s pen on a curved s... moreAre you kidding ? We will need as big as a screen possible on phones. in fact most of the people would be disappointed if the note 10 plus is less than 7 inch screen size.

                            Now a days people consume media, conduct financial transactions, online shopping , emails and web browsing , chatting, group video calls, e-learning everything from their smartphones.
                            So we need bigger phones. What is the relevance of a 120 Hz screen if there is hardly any space to scroll in a small screen ? It is mainly relevant for bigger screens. Also bigger screens will give OEMs room put bigger batteries without making the phones thicker.

                              Anonymous, 22 May 2020No, it is VERY bad.You can agree to disagree.

                                Shade, 22 May 2020A design like note 9 or no punch hole or notch I stand with note 9 like thin bezel more than pop-up camera..

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                                  • Liber
                                  • 03$
                                  • 23 May 2020

                                  Arco, 22 May 2020Isn't it supposed to be exynos 992? Why the article states ... moreWhat is your current phone ?

                                    Why did they have to keep same design as S20 series?
                                    Same design language in mid range segment as well.
                                    They should have kept the note 10 design language to distinguish it from the S20 series.
                                    Overall dissatisfied with renders.

                                      Anonymous, 22 May 2020iPhone notch it’s not a decoration part of the phone it doe... moreWouldn't touch that ugly notch with a 10 foot pole.

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                                        • 23 May 2020

                                        Anonymous, 22 May 2020You’re the same guy stuck in 2010 lol.It's the year 2020 and somehow Bluetooth still sucks. Short battery life, weak bass, distorted highs, latency, and dropouts. USB-C headphones are uncommon and they prevent charging. That's why people want a headphone jack.