Huawei Watch GT 2e review

24 May 2020
The Watch GT 2 with sportier looks and for a cheaper price.

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  • Ahmed
  • N7Q
  • 03 Oct 2023

How i reply a call with a message like in huawei band 6

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    • vat
    • 08 Feb 2023

    dave, 08 Dec 2022I had it for 2 years, and than it died. The display panel ... moreNo manufacturer will cover for salt water when advertising water resistant for 1m for an hour. Pools only supposedly, but splash resistant realistically.

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      • dave
      • 7X4
      • 08 Dec 2022

      I had it for 2 years, and than it died.
      The display panel was not glues well and water came in when swimming in the sea, the watch went crazy beeping and vibrating and than died.
      Pictures attached, I do not know if warranty cover it as 2 years pass, but this should not happen.

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        • wan
        • fIM
        • 11 Nov 2021

        I use Health Sync app to sync to Google Fit & generate TCX files. Then you can easily connect to other fitness apps/services that suppprt Google Fit or manual TCX import.

          Azlanshukor, 19 Jul 2021been using this watch for a year. pedometer/firmware is a f... moreHi friend, i returned my watch to service 2 times because the first time all they did was a reset etc. The second time though the replaced battery mainboard and all the sensors. Now the watch is on firmware , that is firmware from 2020 its over a year older, but this one works lets say good. Since then though 5-6 firmware have been released. I em afraid to update since with my first update the issues began.

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            • Azlanshukor
            • Fvc
            • 19 Jul 2021

            been using this watch for a year. pedometer/firmware is a failure

            you'll see this error very common among the user, what is even more frustrating is no resolution and the after-sales service doesnt seems to respond or care for you

            "this session will not be recorded in your personal results because key date ( such as distance ) is missing or abnormal."

              hi, since i have this watch for some months now, i give a short opinion. The hardware is good, but the flawed software makes me regret buying this watch. IN the begin the watch was working good everything so far i can tell and good battery life. After my first firmware update the watch became inaccurate with heart rates, inaccurate with gps(needs total clear area to work good and to lock fast) . The two things i mostly care about. Since then another 3 firmware updates came that did not fix much or anything at all. Service and support is a joke i talked with them and also send it for repair etc. Only thing they did is to update to the latest firmware but issues still remain.
              Since this is not a watch that cost 20 bucks, i em very disapointed in huawei. To get a picture that there are big problems with the watch and not only gt2e also gt2 and more, take a look at wearables section in huawei site. Many many people with problems report.
              I will never buy anything from huawei again, lost my trust in that company.

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                • 6wp
                • 16 Jun 2021

                I've been using this watch for a while and I can say that it is one of the best at least.

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                  • SmartGuide
                  • y6V
                  • 11 May 2021

                  Using this watch for a week now.
                  Watch build and box is impressive
                  First few days will be adjusting point but after 3 days of wearing it seems like i'm not wearing any watch at all.

                  I love the SPo2 and Heartbeat sensors
                  The GPS is easy to use. It easily detects your position unlike my ancient Garmin forerunner which was the SAME price wuth the gt2 when i bought it that time.

                  definitly bang for the buck

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                    • mrAnonymous
                    • mAW
                    • 27 Jan 2021

                    Here in Romania, the watch costs only 100 bucks. It has so many features, that I JUST LOST THEIR NUMBER! It is great for sportspeople that practice every day. Great watch overall. Well done Huawei!

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                      • 0@I
                      • 13 Dec 2020

                      Anonymous, 23 Oct 2020Do you have to carry your phone with your when you use GPS ... moreIt has built in gps. No need to carry the phone with you.

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                        • Theo
                        • nSQ
                        • 04 Nov 2020

                        Anonymous, 25 May 2020There's nothing good about google in smartwatches. None of ... moreGoogle is currently collaborating with Mobvoi in the design and manufacturing of TicWatch which is currently the best smartwatch rocking Wear OS and it competes directly with all the other existing flagships in the wearable market including the Apple Watch.

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                          • Nas
                          • 23 Oct 2020

                          Do you have to carry your phone with your when you use GPS or does the Gt2e track your runs by itself and then upload the GPS data to your phone when you are back from your run and within Bluetooth range.
                          I don't want A-GPS which means that you have to carry your phone with you on runs.

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                            • 0Fb
                            • 09 Sep 2020

                            Hotnhordy, 29 May 2020Ty but no ty. I'll stick to my Gear S3 Frontier for a while.A worthwhile comment then. Just like this one, I can be pointless too.

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                              • rwe
                              • 01 Jul 2020

                              why no microphone and speaker on the phone that works via bluetooth
                              kinda moving backwards

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                                • Darthvader
                                • 7Xc
                                • 20 Jun 2020

                                I just received mine and i actually think this watch is great with its budget price. I had been watching some youtube reviews (including the video uploaded by gsm arena) before i decided to get one, and true enough, the watch performs very well given the price. It pairs seamlessly with my huawei nova 2i (mate 10 lite, which is a bit ancient lol). If you are in a budget and hoping for quality, then this watch is for you. if you have a lot of cash though and would go for branding, then you can always get the apple watch series. Peace!~ :-)

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                                  • Hotnhordy
                                  • pXb
                                  • 29 May 2020

                                  Ty but no ty. I'll stick to my Gear S3 Frontier for a while.

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                                    • DEP
                                    • 27 May 2020

                                    Anonymous, 24 May 2020Bleh. Other reviews panned the HR accuracy under load. And ... moreAre you by chance a billionaire? Cos you sure sound like the chinese government will benefit by having your data lol

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                                      • KIF
                                      • 26 May 2020

                                      What is the price of this watch

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                                        • JxF
                                        • 25 May 2020

                                        Sorry Huawei... no Strava= no buy