TCL 10 Pro and 10L will get Android 11 and two years of security updates

22 May 2020
The phones were announced in April and went on sale earlier this month.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 May 2020Nobody cares about latest updates on Android. The 5 year u... moreAnd not forget that Android users change their phones quicker becouse they don't have to sell a kidney for a phone. Also they get the latest tech available at a decent price compared to iPhones.
They wanna stay 5 years with crappy lcd hd display, 1800mah battery and 1 camera and pay 450$?! Go for it!
Android users get better with a 300$ phone

  • Anonymous

44alexsmith, 23 May 2020It is amazing how low the bar is for Android OEMs when it c... moreNobody cares about latest updates on Android.
The 5 year update system of iOS is a giant scam. You get latest features 5 years late on an average. Android is light years ahead of iOS in terms of functionality, customizability, security and ease of use. Android from 5 years back can do things iPhone can't.

The upcoming iOS 14 will finally get an app drawer and fully functional widgets, Lol these are things that existed on Android a decade back.

Plus with every subsequent update, your battery and cpu are deliberately slowed down by Apple (Yes, they are paying fines for this malpractice) whereby one is forced to upgrade after a few years.

Lack of security patches don't affect the end user in the real world.
Ppl and several businesses used Intel chipsets for years without issues despite the Spectre & Meltdown vulnerabilities. As I said, unless a team of hackers specifically target you exploiting that security loophole, you are safe.

Ppl continue to fall for marketing gimmicks where they feel if they don't have the latest security patch, they are vulnerable or worse the phone becomes unusable after 2 years. These are the same people that can be hacked using a simple phising link and they are worried about vulnerabilities in the system that are less likely a threat.

It is amazing how low the bar is for Android OEMs when it comes to Android OS upgrades.
Like they are doing customers a favor by hesitantly promising two years of Android OS upgrades when Apple does five years of OS upgrades (although not all features are included; but at least you get 5 years of Security Updates).
Android OEMs still look at Apple and wonder why iPhones continue to sell well.
Yet none of them get the five-year OS "Update" factor. Offer quality products, innovate, and stand behind your product in terms of longevity of software support. Then your customers will too.
The Pixel 4a will offer 3 years of OS Upgrades, which is lame too. I can't think of a reason to purchase a TCL over the Pixel 4a given the OS Upgrade factor.
Kudos for joining the lame Android OS Upgrade club, TCL.

"although the company isn't making any promises with regard to how long it will take it to issue that update."

Simple answer which is more important, WISE CONSUMERS will wait and monitor a year or so before they even considering your devices to see how timely you are to release UI/OS updates.

That's more than fair, right?

  • aggame

Management: It's our first phone for the international market, what we should name it? TCL 1, 1 pro, sounds good!!!
Release: TCL 10,10 pro we got them good lol

The 10 Pro is decent overall. It probably should've come with SD765 instead of SD675 though. Not so bad for a first attempt still.