Realme X3 SuperZoom's specs confirmed in a series of new teasers

23 May 2020
Design fully reviewed in a video.

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  • 23 May 2020

Dual punch hole front camera?
Ewww, disgusting and unnecessary

    Pls, enough with the notch and unsymmetrical top and bottom... Just imitate the front design of rog phones.

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      • 23 May 2020

      Dumbest trend of this year is Dual punch hole.

      Seriously customers are getting obstructive displays just to get slightly thinner bezels.
      Even more stupid is to put an useless depth sensor to boast it as a dual selfie camera while eating your useful display area & cause awkward obstruction.

        I honestly don't care about that punch hole as long as we can hide it and create a top bezel that is symmetrical with the bottom one.
        That's my opinion.

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          • 23 May 2020

          Rahul767, 23 May 2020Will be disappointed with the same old design and lcd display.LCD display in 2020 with SD 855+ are you kidding?
          If x3 superzoom comes with AMOLED panel with 90 Hz display and better back camera possession that would be great but that's not happening..... :(


              Anonymous, 23 May 2020Again they're trying to hide that insanely ugly double punc... moreI agree with you. it is most annoying design as per the display usage.

                Will be disappointed with the same old design and lcd display.

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                  • 23 May 2020

                  another rubbish from realme.

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                    • 23 May 2020

                    Again they're trying to hide that insanely ugly double punch-hole on the promo... If you have to hide it (for good reasons), then WHY THE F*CK DO YOU IMPLEMENT IT IN A FIRST PLACE?!

                    The double punch hole is literally the worst 'innovation' since non-removable batteries. Ultra ugly, ultra useless, and anyone who invented them deserve to be kicked in the nuts.

                      Upgraded From 880p pentile amoled on the x2

                      To REAL full resolution 1080p LCD with high refresh rate to boot.. good stuff

                        Ah shit here we go again with ugly dual punch hole

                          Ugly as hell with 2 front facing cameras(implemented on the screen).

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                            • 23 May 2020

                            Good SOC to use. Still excellent, lower cost and less battery drain. But what is "Super Zoom"?

                              Pls more than 4300mha🙏🙏🙏

                                I wouldn't underestimate the 855+... I have it...

                                I also would certainly not understimate the 865 either. Especially on a gaming space with forced maximum use of the CPU/GPU.

                                Asus RoG 3 will be paired with the 865+... That should make some smile.