Telus will roll out Android 10 for Samsung Galaxy A70 and LG G8X ThinQ next week

24 May 2020
The Canadian carrier will also release software updates for 10 other smartphones.

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Did that happen? I have not received this update yet.
Funny is that I have both the A70 and the G8x, so it will be interesting to see what hits and what misses.

Btw, this is getting absolutely ridiculous. Many carriers around the world release updates as soon as they are available, and in the unlikely event that the update does break something, they will pull it back.

In the old days, that wasn't a smart thing to do given the extra customization that goes into the image for each carrier, but these days, most phones are stock and simply loads the software apps after it boots and register with a particular carrier. All this testing is wasted efforts as the manufacturer has already gone through extensive testing. But it is desired by carriers to control sales as they see fit.

Case in point: Last update for Galaxy A70 is December 2020. That's six months with no update, breaking Samsung's policies of quarterly updates at least.

All this to throw us in the hands of Apple, perhaps? I'm starting to see some merit to that :)

  • Anonymous

Wandile, 24 May 2020🤔 How can COVID-19 delay already scheduled update ? Don't u... moreStaffs to check on bugs
Staffs to manage the transferring of the said update to server
The supervisors supervising them
And covid made them to work at home with limited equipment while office got professional grade computer and servers
With far communications distance
Longer updating time

Someone, 24 May 2020Great SAMSUNG updates take forever, don't you think ?

🤔 How can COVID-19 delay already scheduled update ? Don't understand, please someone educate me.

  • ichigo

what about samsung A10 😥😥

  • Someone