Realme Watch announced: 1.4" color touchscreen, SpO2 monitor, and 9-day battery life

25 May 2020
It also comes with heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, and 14 Sports Modes.

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  • gam33to

can they at least TRY to not look like a copy for once?

  • Anonymous

Anon, 25 May 2020Is it oled..? LCD

  • Santhu

No call notification

  • Anonymous

Realme: "Let's put a bigass bezel on an already small display so we can put our logo on it!"

  • Anonymous

Bogdan, 25 May 2020Watch OS. Pretty sure it runs on custom software as it's just a larger sized fitness tracker and not an actual smartwatch

  • Anon

Is it oled..?

  • Butterfinger

No point in buying these watches without any official store and no app support. Same functions as the band only. Apple watch and Galaxy watch are the only 2 worth buying until manufacturers bring in decent wear os watches

  • Bogdan

Anonymous, 25 May 2020what OS does it run on?Watch OS.

Thought Apple watch after seeing the thumbnail then realised it is from apple china clone company.



Reliz had a big clay day.. What?! ---That's nice.

*Goes back to sleep*

  • Anonymous

what OS does it run on?