vivo Y70s 5G comes with Exynos 880 SoC and sub-CNY 2,000 pricetag

25 May 2020
Official sales tip-off next week on June 1.

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i like this.

5G Eco-System, 26 May 2020In the range of 2000CNY ($280), Exynos 880 based 5G phones ... morenice opinion with great option

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In the range of 2000CNY ($280), Exynos 880 based 5G phones will not be competitive against 5G phones based on Kirin820 (Honor 10X, 1900CNY), D800 (Huawei Enjoy Z 5G, 1700CNY; many forthcoming models), D820 (Redmi X10, 1600CNY), SD765G (Redmi K30i 5G, 1700CNY; Redmi K30 5G, 1800CNY), or even D1000+ (iQOO Z1, 2000CNY).

The real battle ground for Exynos 880 based 5G phones will be the sub-1400CNY($200) range in which Exynos 880 will compete with 5G phones based on SD695G, D600 (Dimensity 600), and 2-3 more forthcoming low-end 5G SoCs.

The list of available SoCs with integrated 5G:
Flagship, near flagship: Kirin990, Dimensity 1000+, Dimensity 1000;
High-Midrange: Kirin985, Kirin820, D820; SD768G;
Midrange: SD765G, D800, Exynos 980;
Lower-Midrange, Low-end: Exynos 880, SD695G, D600. (2 or 3 more are forthcoming.)

For 2020, this is a very good sign for the emergence of a new 5G ecosystem.

This setup for this price is quite the combo!

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IpsDisplay, 25 May 2020Sounds horrible ... More exynos underperformance :/ ... moreThis isn't the highest midrange chipset from exynos(980)it's more budget friendly. The equivalent from mediateck is dimensity 800

Sounds horrible ...

More exynos underperformance :/

Mediatek dimensity 1000+ would be better

But I guess it's better business wise to use their own exynos

Wow that sounds great