Microsoft Surface Duo to come with advanced stylus support and precision

25 May 2020
Some of the iconic Surface gestures will be available.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 May 2020And will also come with advanced priceLmao

  • Essen

AJ_74, 26 May 2020"OMG, look! It's a 12" tablet that has a bezel running down... moreHahaha. I get your pain.

  • Anonymous

And will also come with advanced price

  • AJ_74

"OMG, look! It's a 12" tablet that has a bezel running down the middle of the display. GASP! That's no bezel! It's a folding mechanism that, GASP, turns my 12" tablet into a, GASP, really chunky 8" tablet! GASP! WHAT!? It's only $2000? GASP!" OMFG, TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY!"

  • Ddh

I will consider buying it if the input lag is the same or lower than the iPad/pencil combo. Android devices always have a horrible lag with pen input mostly because of unoptimized software

I would have expected them to team up with Samsung and cross-license the S-Pen tech. That would be easier for Micros~1, lucrative for Sammy and simpler for third-party developers

  • talha5007

good to see some S Pen features competition .
bring it on.

  • Anonymous

Waiting for upcoming Windows 10 update to upgrade from Windows 8.1 which isn't that bad but I've doubled my laptop's Ram for using Windows 10 smoothly.