Foldable Motorola Razr 2 will up the hardware game compared to its predecessor

25 May 2020
It should also be closer to Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip in terms of internals.

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RAZR was always about style. It was never about specs. RAZR-2019 fulfilled that part, but had some major shortcomings to it (durability & battery life), the RAZR-2020 seems to improve on both of those aspects while also improving other specs. I think they're on the right track.

The SD765 is powerful enough for the majority of users. It just needs a better camera & lower launch price.

    The Razr 2019 was a fancified fledgling for folding phones, maybe more maturity in parts' production pushes prices down and add actual advertisable practicality per purchase of this piece of crap, short $aapl

      I don't think it will be good enough to justify it's price. Let's hope they change the cpu

        2845 mah Battery!?????? It's 5g it should atleast have 4,500 mah Battery of

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          • 26 May 2020

          Unless the display is durable specs don't matter.

            Your continuous effort to be extremely biased is epic.
            When you have a hype for a brand, let's say Xiaomi, that chipset wouldn't be bad thing, you would have said, it had plenty of juice for the market segment aimed by that device. In terms of the battery, you'd sayed that the phone's consumption was not as high as other models, and again, sufficient for the kind of user that would like the form factor....
            The razr in the past, was a piece of garbage in terms of technology, but it mastered the external design and it was just what the user wanted. The new one, by the other hand is a very interesting effort bringing new solutions to the market.
            It is not a phone for 'allmighty phone' users like the ones like us to read this site. It is for a regular user that wants sophistication, usability and stil being able to use a smartphone, even without being the 'best camera around', 'the best processor around', but (and this is veeeeryyyyy important), what they do care is having the most beautiful phone around, and still be able to do all that they want. And the razr delivers just that.

            Prices... well, good for consumers that Samsung provided a cheaper option!

              Going by the title i thougt they went for flagship harware all round.... But actually this upgrade just puts it again in the midrange category of 2020

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                • 26 May 2020

                Razr was a techonogy show off, make it thinner than nokia candy bar, bring bigger battery but slim enough