Realme X3 SuperZoom debuts with 5x periscope camera, Snapdragon 855+

26 May 2020
The Realme X3 SuperZoom packs a 120Hz IPS LCD display, dual selfie camera.

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Nice spec-to-price ratio, but that double selfie cam screen cutout ain't for me. I hardly use 1, what am I gonna do with 2? But I'm sure that there are people that would be glad they're there; to those people, this phone is for.

Anonymous, 26 May 2020Cameraphone with LCD instead of AMOLED. Superbfail.What has camera got to do with AMOLED, noob?

Poco f2 is better pricing with sd865 and lpddr 5 also ufs 3.1

  • Anonymous

Now I know why it's called Super Zoom.

  • Anonymous

Cameraphone with LCD instead of AMOLED.


  • Luv

Im over this ugly punch hole, those things are even worse than the notch, so ugly... But its a nice phone

  • Anonymous

Now this is good

  • Rob

omg the dual cut out is so darn ugly 🙄

That 855+ is certainly no slouch and can give the A13 a run for its money...