OnePlus CEO talks budget-friendly devices and expanding its ecosystem in interview

26 May 2020
We could expect to see cheaper OnePlus devices as the company begins to shift its long-term strategy.

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Let's see to the: "Xiaomi Redmi K30 5G"👇

CPU: Snapdragon - 765G
Display: 6.67 FHD - IPS LCD - 120Hz refresh rate - HDR10 dual-punch hole.
Camera: rear - main Sony imx686 64mp + 8mp altrawide + 5mp macro + 2 depth,
Front cam: in display punch-hole 20mp+2mp depth.
Battery: Li.Po 4500 big battery
headphone jack: 3.5mm,
Fingerprint & NFC: (side-mounted), NFC,
Price: 253 Euro/$280 Usd

Let's see to the: "OnePlus Z 5G"👇

CPU: Snapdragon - 765G
Display: 6.4 FHD - Super AMOLED - 90Hz refresh rate - HDR10 single-punch hole,
Camera: rear - main Sony imx586 48mp + 16mp altrawide,
Front cam: in display punch-hole 16mp
Battery: Li.Po 4000 big battery
Fingerprint & NFC: (in display), NFC,
Price: ? 270 Euro / 300 Usd or less?

    All people are not luxary, if all people are was luxary they all will not to buy budget phone, why a people are buy a budget phone? Phone maker forgotten it..

    If OnePlus z come with over 270 euro/$300usd or 25k rupee, people are move to other, and I hope OnePlus come with under 25k rupee and back dual camera 48+16 altrawide, because OnePlus CEO tall it's adorable and OnePlus are not doing bad as other brand like 8mp altrawide camera, 2mp macro, OnePlus provide quality full, useful future, and I hope it's come with under 25k ruppe, and I hope OnePlus realize why OnePlus was famous, for budget friendly, and mid-budget people are why buy this with over price if other brand give me better with same price, that reason OnePlus x was fail, that time xiaomi also not doing good with har user with mi 10 serious are over priced, what is benefits with over price, if they are do vellue price all are will buy, best price best profit simple, over price all are not buy this, we don't need 3-4 camera we need 1 camera with best qualityfull and useable, we don't need telephoto lense.

      Tahasin1, 28 May 2020Yeah I'm understand.but now budget people are not only make call, browseing, normal photography, now they all already used to with great camera & future and gameing like pubg, see movie etc, that way need better Prosser, display.

        Samsung, Vivo, Moto, realme, ect brand are spending huge money for addvidice which money going from user pocket, don't need addvidice, we need vellue for money best product, what benefits come from addvidice, addvidice showing Samsun, Samsung, Samsung that's it, what do Samsung with Galaxy m31 mega monster, monster, monster what is monster exonos 9611 cpu? how much sell this monster after release?

        that's reason, OnePlus z sd 765g, 90hz super AMOLED punch hole display, back- 48+16mp front 16mp, ufs 3.0 it's possible under 270 euro/25k ruppe, because OnePlus is a one brand which brand don't need to do advadice har product, people love her product for quality, best Android experience, and vellue for Monday.

        OnePlus no need to addvidice what OnePlus, people are know that property what is OnePlus, and I hope OnePlus z will can do come under 270 euro/300 usd, or 25k ruppe. And OnePlus will bring mid- budget market with OnePlus z after 5 years OnePlus x successor comeing. What is Lot of love less than spend OnePlus also will showing.

          hmm, 28 May 2020Why you think only poor people buy budget phones ? I buy up... moreYeah I'm understand.

            hmm, 28 May 2020Why you think only poor people buy budget phones ? I buy up... moreOnePlus is a unique brand for some extra ordinary subject, they are try to doing best for user, we are see from past, that reason taking that from emotions, because I'm also poor from Bangladesh, and I'm not affordable to buy over 270 euro / 300 usd, I love OnePlus phone and want to use a OnePlus device, if OnePlus z will come under or less more than $300 it's good, but mid-budget means maximum $300 usd, but some brand like Google pixel 4a what is price with what is provided, Google doing Cheating, robbery with har users and how much & who use this phone?

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              • 28 May 2020

              Tahasin1, 27 May 2020True budget people are definitely count how much they spend... moreWhy you think only poor people buy budget phones ? I buy up to 200-250 euro phones cause i buy them out on day 1 and i know what i need out of phone. I dont buy them for gaming where i need it to be the latest flagship soc

              I dont buy 500+ euro phones cause i need to leash them as i dont have 500+ free money to spend every 2 years like people leash there phones for 2 years and then take a new phone to leash it 2 years. I dont see a point of leashing electronics. If i need to leash then i dont need it. It's not like it's a car that is expensive and dont have money to buy out or apartment or house that you leash 10 years.

              For me it makes no sense if i use the phone as daily driver where i make calls and browse the net with it only and maybe make few pictures in a month or so. Why would i need flagship phone when 200 euro up to 250 euro phone does the same for me ? This is just stupid to say poor people or rich people. I would say dumb people and smart people. Dumb people are these who go for the 2 years leash for flagship phone to show off they have money but actually dont and smart people who know what they need out of the phone and buy out the phone with up to 250 euro phones

                Translation: rebadging existing Oppo/realme phones, put OnePlus brand on them, and sell it for a bit more in OnePlus markets?

                Xiaomi is already doing it, rebadging Redmi phones into Poco.

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                  • 7X1
                  • 28 May 2020

                  too late though, realme and redmi are dominating the budget segment.

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                    • 28 May 2020

                    Tahasin1, 27 May 2020True budget people are definitely count how much they spend... moreThe budget phone market is important, but OnePlus is not structured to compete in the lower-priced segments. OnePlus is a small company with a very lean and flat staff structure that is tasked to deliver a limited number of well-defined phones based on flagship SoCs, using mature technology from its parent company, Oppo.

                    When they have some unique and significant technology on offer, they compete like a flagship proper and are priced as such. When they don't have anything particularly special on offer, they just compete like an upscaled killer of budget flagship smartphones, with more refined design, better build-quality, better choice of components, better system optimization, and extended software support.

                    Not all companies are capable of competing in the budget phone market effectively. To deliver near-premium build quality products at very competitive prices requires special manufacturing know-how and management know-how that elude most companies.

                      Oneplus should not shoot themselves in the foot by bringing out many phones making it extremely difficult for customers to make easy purchase decisions. The yet to be released phone should be a compact one.

                        Anonymous, 27 May 2020OnePlus is already selling more phones than LG and Motorola... moreTrue budget people are definitely count how much they spend. Because they are not rich, all people are not live in USA, urope, and Asian are not rich.

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                          • 27 May 2020

                          Tahasin1, 27 May 2020If OnePlus z will come with 270 (euro) / 300 (usd) it's wil... moreyou're so true.

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                            • 27 May 2020

                            OnePlus is already selling more phones than LG and Motorola, a lot more phones than Sony (~3 millions in 2019), ASUS (~2 million in 2019), and Google (< 4 millions in 2019). The need of the moment is not for more budget-friendly phones, but for a well-developed strategy for the up-coming battle in 5G space, which will be more future-defining for the tech companies in the smartphone space.

                              If OnePlus z will come with 270 (euro) / 300 (usd) it's will make perfect mid-budget deal, for mid-budget lover, and for competition situation.

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                                • 27 May 2020

                                After the oneplus x, i doubt anyone will trust this company with affordabke phones.

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                                  • 9H3
                                  • 27 May 2020

                                  WHAT AN IRONY! ONEPLUS was brought as a FLAGSHIP KILLER and only OnePlus ONE fulfilled that reality! now fulfilling the midrange? wait I forgot! this is another chinese company which is under the same parent just for operational profits!

                                    zaryan, 27 May 2020OnePlus is going to become another boring brand with tons o... moreHow?

                                      pmc leads, 27 May 2020budget phone shouldn't be anything more than 300 USD given ... moreYeah I agree with you, and it's true....

                                        Vango, 27 May 2020It's rumoured to be 6.4". I doubt they'll make it less than... moreSamsung skipped the successor of S10e and made a S20 since sales for lower size screen models was less compared to big screen sized models.