AT&T Galaxy S III pre-orders start, shipping June 18

06 June, 2012
AT&T has just officially started its pre-order campaign for the Samsung Galaxy S III.

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  • andremadrid

SIII is USD 1023,00 in Brazil. That is expensive!!

  • AnonD-39391

Tomco, 06 Jun 2012US - $550 ... EU - 639(Ireland) ... F.king Europe !!!Samsung SIII is USD $928 here in South Africa, From Samsung store

  • AnonD-39391

SIII is USD 928 here in South Africa, From Samsung store. Why so expensive here?

  • steph

$825 outright in australia or $65/month on a 2yr plan.

  • Tomco

US - $550 ... EU - 639(Ireland) ... F.king Europe !!!

  • surprised !

Actually surprised with the "No commintment" pricing .... $550 is really a good deal ..... Even though i did not like this phone that much .... a good call by samsung i should say.

Sadly i'm waiting until december to get this phone but maybe it'll be cheaper by then.

  • AnonD-55045

Only $550 sounds nice. That makes me think of bringing the phone here and get it unlocked. Those two Krait cores with 2 gigs of RAM are quite attractive.

  • PsYch0

I would rather get the International version.

  • Anonymous

Think both sprint AND ATT say expected delivery by the 21st. Att just lists the ship date too. My money is on the 21st being official launch day for all 3-
Sprint att and tMo

  • Julien

Bell Canada is now offering pre-orders as well.

  • Marcio Avalos

yui, 06 Jun 2012can some one explain why us alway got lower price than others ? ... moreDo not complain... in Brazil it will cost ONLY US$1,000.00 with a 2-year contract!!!

  • Jon

are the no contract phones lock to at&t. does it have an at&t logo attach to the phone?

  • isthisreallyme

jackskellington6sic6, 06 Jun 2012Yes. Now get itHow much is it to buy. I really like how iphone have gone to a big screen they rock

  • yui

can some one explain why us alway got lower price than others ? its only $550 only while in my country $780 ?

  • jackskellington6sic6

isthisreallyme, 06 Jun 2012Is this the new iphone, if so i really want itYes. Now get it

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Jun 2012only $550/£355 without contract in usa while we pay £... moreI was really wondering when I saw the price for the us.

  • isthisreallyme

Is this the new iphone, if so i really want it

  • Sam

Design Sucks

  • Anonymous

But is it the 16, 32 or 64GB version? When will at&t offer the 64GB version? If there is no more storage I'll stick with my SGSII, thanks.