OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Review

31 May 2020
Affordable ammunition.

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  • Vicky
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  • 16 Mar 2023


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    • Vannak Luy
    • UDs
    • 26 Nov 2022

    Vicky , 28 Aug 2022I have bullet wireless z earphones. If one speaker stops wo... moreWant to buy one of OnePlus Bullet Wireless Z

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      • Vicky
      • P$6
      • 28 Aug 2022

      I have bullet wireless z earphones. If one speaker stops working in one angle for sometimes, can it be fixed ?

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        • Priyanka
        • vGh
        • 28 Jun 2022

        Few months back I have purchased Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z Bass Edition. After using it for a few days the sound system of one of the ear plug was not good. While calls get connected sound was breaking. For the sound issue I decided to send it to the service center as it is under warranty now. Apart from the above mentioned issue when I sent it to the service center, the condition of the product was good. The Pick-up person also checked and received it. But the customer care said that this product cannot be replaced as the internal wire is damaged. But they assured that the external part of the product is good. When they return my product the outer packaging was very poor. And the most surprising thing is that the item that I received is in the worst condition. One side wire has been cut. And the plastic cover is also removed. Neither I sent it in a bad condition nor gave them the permission to cut any of the parts. They sent me this product in a completely useless condition. This is very unprofessional. Let me know why I have received the damaged item. What is the exact reason for not replacement. This kind of the worst service you provide to customer. Is this the manner to support customers? I am very much disappointed with this worst service. I think this is not a genuine customer support.

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          • Narayan
          • rJj
          • 06 Jan 2022

          Oneplus headphone wireless zbass edition product after pro lem becoming mysore service centre and customer care not responded very worst don't buying this product

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            • Om
            • PTn
            • 21 Sep 2021

            Not a good experience with OnePlus bullets Wireless Z. Getting disconnected in 2-3 seconds. I bought it hardly 10 days back. For me it is 100% failure. DO NOT GO FOR IT !!!!

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              • Nenko
              • Hkr
              • 17 Jul 2021

              Why one plus bullet z bass edition has compatibility issues with xaomi poco f1...?? Please reply or suggest me a solution.

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                • manik
                • XNI
                • 08 May 2021

                water saftey very bad..

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                  • Anonymous
                  • 2@c
                  • 30 Mar 2021

                  Which is a better purchase the JBL endurance run or the Oneplus Bullets wireless Z Bass edition ??

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                    • Anonymous
                    • YQ{
                    • 03 Mar 2021

                    ImtiazAli09, 28 Dec 2020Yes, they are. I sometimes pair it with my old Poco F1In my wireless Z only one side is working when i connected with poco F1, but with my samsung M31s it works normally

                      Anonymous, 02 Sep 2020Is it worth buying one plus wireless z if i don't have... moreYou can buy one to use on non-one plus phones.

                      Now I paired it with my OnePlus 7T and Dell laptop. Works just amazingly well.

                      Earlier I had it paier with Xiaomi Poco F1 and Dell laptop worked well then too.

                      The most important aspect for me is battery life. OnePlus wireless z is a beast when it comes to battery life. Last for 3 to 3.5 days with 6 to 7 hours for use everyday.

                        Atharv, 02 Nov 2020Are these compatible with other phones as well besides Oneplus?Yes, they are.

                        I sometimes pair it with my old Poco F1

                          Highly recommended: .
                          This has been one of my best purchase ever along with OnePlus 7T.
                          I keep it paired with Office laptop and my personal mobile. Toggling is very easy with just press of a button.

                          And most importantly battery life... Last almost 3-3.5 days with mostly using during working hours + a few hours personal time.

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                            • Atharv
                            • 7kk
                            • 02 Nov 2020

                            Are these compatible with other phones as well besides Oneplus?

                              • b
                              • billy
                              • E8y
                              • 31 Oct 2020

                              how do these compare to the Beats Flex?

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                                • Nawz
                                • X%3
                                • 12 Oct 2020

                                Hunt, 18 Aug 2020Should I buy these if I don't own a oneplus phoneI would not recommend that.

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • DkQ
                                  • 09 Oct 2020

                                  Your specifications r clueless

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • gN$
                                    • 02 Sep 2020

                                    Is it worth buying one plus wireless z if i don't have one plus smartphone? Please provide detailed review in this regard.

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                                      • Hunt
                                      • yZv
                                      • 18 Aug 2020

                                      Should I buy these if I don't own a oneplus phone

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • gxJ
                                        • 16 Aug 2020

                                        I own a pair of Bullets Wireless Z, and they only take 20-25 minutes to charge. However, I usually use my Dash Charger (I own a OP6) to charge the Bullets Wireless Z.