Realme X3 SuperZoom in for review

29 May 2020
The successor of the Realme X2 family brings a 5x optical zoom to the midrange fields.

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  • Anonymous

Buy a Realme X2 Pro on instead. 389 Euro and a 90 hz 6.5" amoled.. way better buy

  • Anonymous


  • Ravu

Anonymous, 31 May 2020Is this Made in India..?Bro let it release in india .Most of the phones released in india now a days are made in india .few exceptions are there for iphone 11 pro series mi 10 like this .but OnePlus 8 phones are made in india

  • Kishan sinha

Anonymous, 31 May 2020Problem with this is that it is priced the same as Poco f2 ... moreWorld best super realme 3 x superzoom mobile

  • Carbondust

I hope you test their customer service.. I bought the 6 and their customer service is none existent

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Is this Made in India..?

  • KamalJinnY

Jayant, 31 May 2020When realme x3 5G will launch in india?? On 15June

  • Anonymous

Problem with this is that it is priced the same as Poco f2 pro, which has better build quality, 5g if it matters and of course the latest processor. The only thing that the poco doesn't have is the high refresh rate

  • BR

Mr joker, 30 May 2020I love realme Dives I love this mobile

  • Jayant

When realme x3 5G will launch in india??

  • Shazad

Realme is really made nice devices every year. I love realme and wanna use realme x3


I love Realme device because I use it's xt phone and I am very happy with it so THANKS REALME

  • Michael

Iam using realme x2 and iam happy with it
And camera is so good for talking photos and videos

Happy with my X2 Pro.

  • Mr joker

I love realme Dives

  • Anonymous

SmileyFace, 30 May 2020A quick question for you all please, is there a phone with ... moreMi10

Anonymous, 29 May 2020Me too, and I own Realme X2 Pro which I bought 5 months ago... moreWell...I think that Flyme with 90Hz is really cool.

  • Oliver

Please test Audio Quality, not just loudness!

  • 7ien

Realme x3 is basically Realme 6 Pro with bump up specs. Same body with better internals. The post didn't mentioned it's 120hz refresh rate. Do a comparison between Realme 6 Pro vs this phone. Maybe they should have named this Realme 6S Pro lol

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