Oppo releases ColorOS 7 (Android 10) update to its phones in India

28 May 2020
Here are the phones that can be updated now and the few that will have to wait a month or two.

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  • Anonymous

Oppo a3s colors 7 update. ?

  • Vee

I have oppo F11 but haven't received any update yet.. Any details about that?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 May 2020I have oppo a9 however I can't see any update yet..When wil... moreafter june

  • Anonymous

Android 10 for oppo K1

  • Rams

Oppo a9 new version colour os 7 not available ??????¿?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????¿??????????????¿)?????????????????????????????......;;:;;::;;;;!?:"*;*!!"!!"!"!"!

  • Madhav

How to update Android 10 in oppo f11 pro???

  • Shivam Kumar

Sir please update the ColorOs 7 version in Oppo a3s please sir various user like ColorOs features have not seen so please update the ColorOs 7 version in Oppo A3s

  • Anonymous

Mohd Mudassir, 28 May 2020When is the Android update of oppo A7 There is No Update

  • Anonymous

I have a oppo f11 pro but I haven't got any updates yet.Can anyone explain why?

  • Anonymous

Is there any update for a5s

  • Razer

I don't see any tweet by them regarding the update for indian market, I have been waiting for months I m already on the beta c.11 version and don't see any new stable updatebut want to update ASAP because I in this update i can't record, can't call record n many other bugs

  • Rifay

Please update coloros for Oppo a5s..

  • Prashanth

When will oppo a9 2020 will get stable color os 7 update

  • Peter Biju ps

I'm happy to hear that opo is releasing color os to its new phones but I'm also sad because why oppo is not giving out color os 7 to phones like oppo a1k.

  • Anonymous

Oppo A5 20202 colorOS 6 Android 9 Bangladesh 😢

  • ស&#607

Thanks you

Anonymous, 28 May 2020Android 11 is out already while Oppo just released Android ... moreAnd then they talk about Xiaomi lol

Got my update in UK couple of weeks ago on the Reno 2. Had to use a VPN to set my IP to Spain but it worked. Its a very good update, makes the phone much nicer and very smooth.

  • Anonymous

Color OS 7 / Realme UI massive step forward

Hoping for more Android 11 like UI for next iteration.

  • Anonymous

I have oppo a9 however I can't see any update yet..When will I be getting the same