Xperia mini pro ICS update is now available, others to follow soon

06 June, 2012
Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is now rolling out on the Xperia mini pro globally.

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  • Will

Is there a watch available that is compatible with Xperia neo V?

  • jack

Hai , frinds,
I have plan to update my phone to ICS, But there are many problems with updating. So can anyone advice for my confuse !!!!!! ?

  • pavel

same problem

  • Anonymous

When I try to update my xperia mini pro to ics through pc companion its always says ur phone has already a latest software n up to date

any solution ?????

  • bejega

annoyed, 08 Oct 2012my sk17i is 2.3.4 and theres an update for ics but pc compa... moreSame problem.

  • annoyed

my sk17i is 2.3.4 and theres an update for ics but pc companion is saying that my pone is up to date. what do i do? anyone know anyway of updateing with out pc companion?

  • mohsin

well the new update has still the problem with the LED light....but every other thing is working fine

  • Mandar

Well I installed it on device and runs smooth. The voice search by google is mind blowing... I am using it for anything and everything :)

  • AnonD-68809

for some reason its there are no updates and that everything is updated, how do i update it to 4.0?!
and at the moment i have android version; 2.3.4, someone reply!

  • mafaz

hei... i updated to 4.0
but charging is not worked.. what to do..
can i reupdate to 2.3?????

  • nes

What should i do to make sure that my phone will work smoothly after update? i don't want any buggs and lags....plz answer mee

  • shubham

for god sake n urs .plz dont update ur me i lost my phone...the update is tooo phone now continously hd works now

  • Anonymous

Ali, 25 Jul 2012Guys..will thr be an ICS update for Xperia Pro by any chance? :(yes I have upgraded it. But the home screen is good in gingerbird

  • Ali

Guys..will thr be an ICS update for Xperia Pro by any chance? :(

  • Akshu

wajahat88, 07 Jun 2012i have tried to update my live with walkman to ICS as pc co... moreyes i have same problem in my xperia mini pro.. i also want solution for this problem..
PC companion said that unable to download.. wht to do?

  • shubham

i too updated my phone (i.e. xperia mini pro) on 9th june through pc companion as ota update was not available battery life is better just one problem. it does not support call recording now what 2 do?

  • AnonD-58932

If you love ur mobile PLZ DON'T update ICS..Its too bad update..

  • AnonD-58672

The ICS update has increased battery life.

  • roby

Hi, my SI is 1249-0747 is on the list but i cant find update for my mini pro please help. Thanks in advance.

  • Andrey

Still no updates for Ukraine (sk17i si 1249-4766).