Apple starts selling refurbished iPhone XR units in the US

29 May 2020
Does that even make sense when you can get a new iPhone SE (2020) for $400? The older phone still has a couple of advantages.

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  • 02 Jun 2020

Anonymous, 30 May 2020well, you sell refurbished iphone (and other refurbished ph... moreHere's my MILLION DOLLARS question:


My friend, a repairman who fixed my damn 5c told me the answer:
ALL refurbished phones, no matter whether it's CRapple, Shamesung, and so on, don't check ANY component except DISPLAY, SIGNAL RECEPTION, BATTERY, and CASING.
Why? Because IT TAKES TIME & MONEY; it takes CONSIDERABLE TIME to inspect the entire parts of refurnished phone, which also means it takes A LOT OF MONEY to pay for the employee, let alone the part's costs.

Therefore, the USUAL practice for EVERY REFURBISHED gadgets: change the battery, case, and display, then give it 'gimmicky' 1year warranty.
If they are lucky, some of those refurbished will stay alive for 'a year', those voiding the warranty, but if it broke, let's just 'repair' it with 'good parts' from other refurbished, or just replace the whole phone with 'similar'refurbished phone which could broken anytime soon!

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    • 31 May 2020

    .alpha, 30 May 2020You sell refurbished iPhones, not Apple refurbished. There ... moreLOLOLOLOLOLOL.........

    This comment is SOO TYPICAL CRapple worshippers....

    Ever going to Apple care to fix your iphone?
    Their repairman were going to tell you that 'the motherboard is broken, you have to change the entire PCB to make this work again'.

    Let's see, 3 years ago, I had 2nd hand iphone 5c from someone for cheap but suddenly turned off.
    I heard lots of atrocious saying about Apple 'care', but just in case I still go there as Apple 'strongly' recommend people to go to 'Authorized' repairman.
    UNSURPRISINGLY, the rumors are actually true (see Rossman's video in youtube if u want to prove me wrong)

    What's more, they asked atrocious sum of money for repair fee, excluded the parts fee!

    Then, I went to some mall in my city to check my phone, and you know what?
    They say the problem lies in the IC power as well as the Lightning connector!
    What's more, the TOTAL COST of repairing the DAMNED phone was only 1/5 Apple 'care'!

    So, are u saying that the generic repairman is SOO DUMB in their work which ACTUALLY repairs with LOGICAL FEES while Apple's repairman has GODLY TECHNIQUE that ANY DIAGNOSIS they told us should be believed wholeheartedly and we should hand over our money WITH SMILE?

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      • 30 May 2020

      JDK, 29 May 2020please, shush. Plenty of people can afford iPhones. If you ... moreWhy shh? All Apple products are overpriced, stop pretending to be rich and not care. It's a fact whether you like it or not. Otherwise your precious Apple wouldn't be sitting on hundreds of billions of cash, would they?

        .alpha, 30 May 2020You sell refurbished iPhones, not Apple refurbished. There ... moreMan this was genuine original apple aproved and certified parts. And it was 2 years ago we had last batch for sale.
        We were selling them for like 2 yeras since then we no longer sells refurbrished phones due to bad reliability and many other problems and unhappy customers.
        As from beggining of our company which started like 10 years ago we selling only brand new and sometimes used when customer brings old device which he no longer needs because he already bought new one on contract from mobile operator for example we sell sometimes second hand phones.
        But everything we have for sale is brand new genuine devices.

          Anonymous, 30 May 2020well, you sell refurbished iphone (and other refurbished ph... moreMan dunno what you are talking about but these refurnrished phones were with original genuine but used apple úparts.
          There wasnt single thing which wasnt apple certified.
          I speak about theses refurbrished phones which went under repair within 1 to 6 months because the quality of used materials or spare parts even the genuine ones was disgusting.
          And as apple store sells refubrished devices made from original parts our were the same.
          Everything had apple logo or was apple certified and approved.
          Since that i know i will no longer would ike to buy a second hand phone or used one or made from used materials.
          Also i wouldnt reccomend any of our customers to buy phone like this.

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            • 30 May 2020

            CptPower, 29 May 2020Man no it doesnt. I run a phone shop company with 40 shop... morewell, you sell refurbished iphone (and other refurbished phones), here's the main question: from where you get the replacement parts? salvage component parts from second hand iphones and then turn out those salvaged components are defective too (because already worn out) or maybe you get lower grade replacement parts.. unlike those apple refurbished, they might have check and inspect every components before using it with their tools, and they also replace defective parts with new ones. So, its difference between your refurbished iphones and apple's refurbished iphones.
            There are lot of refurbished iphones here (and other phones too, mostly samsung) from local repair shops which they branded as second-hand, but these refurbished iphones are mostly working normal without need to repair, and its around 75% working normally and they can hold more than 1-2 years, the rest 25% refurbished iphones which came to repair in less than a year (or 1 and half year) usage most likely because user's usage like screen cracked, battery replacement because using not genuine apple charger, or other damage because dropped or rain/coffee spill..
            These local repair shops can sell refurbished iphones with quality almost like brand new because they ordered the replacement parts (and really selective too) directly to shenzen where there are lot of genuine-grade/OEM replacement parts there, and they ordering A grade components not B or C grades that cheaper.. even these local shops can literally assembling new iphones or another phones (like Vivo NEX) from imported shenzen parts with quality match the brand new ones, and these local shops also have complete equipments to test/inspect/check each components to determine the quality of each components.
            As for refurbished samsung they mostly ordering replacement parts mainly from vietnam because samsung phones mostly assembled there.
            So, refurbished iphones (not from apple's refurbished) still selling well here and seems better than yours

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              • 30 May 2020

              If you purchase nothing else in your life, at least don't purchase refurbished products.

              For shaving off a little bit from the sticker price you end up taking a huge gamble on the entire remainder of the cost. It's different if you are purchasing 2nd hand from a known person and have a device's history that you might know of, but two of the riskiest refurb purchases are phones/tablets and laptops.

              Don't fall for brand names, ALL companies are out to make a buck.

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                • 30 May 2020

                LMAO they are so desperate, why are they scared?

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                  • 30 May 2020

                  Iluvdoingstuff, 30 May 2020Can't wait when Escobar Inc. will buy these, slap a gold st... moresell you or take your money and never send you an actual device.
                  its scam.

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                    • 30 May 2020

                    CptPower, 29 May 2020Man no it doesnt. I run a phone shop company with 40 shop... moreYou sell refurbished iPhones, not Apple refurbished. There is a big difference. The 1st type is refurbished by mom & pop repair shop like yours using B-grade parts; the other is refurbished by Apple contractor in China using original parts from Foxconn.

                      Can't wait when Escobar Inc. will buy these, slap a gold sticker on em, and sell them for $100 XD

                        Anonymous, 29 May 2020Selling refurbished items are smart way and its common prac... moreMan no it doesnt.
                        I run a phone shop company with 40 shops across slovakia and czech republic and honestly we had plenty of refurbruished apples for sale in past times.
                        We no longer sell refurbrished phones due to a fact they were defect like 90% of them even looking like brand new went to repair in 1 to 3 months lucky people used them for 6 months and then problems happened.
                        Mostly battery were dead in few hours even when the phone was not used at all.
                        Other problems were screen, microphone or speaker.
                        But like 90% of the all refurbrished iphones we had for sale went major repair within up to 3 mostly 6 months.
                        Due to this we no longer sell refurbrished phones.
                        Same happened to Samsung ones.
                        Repair and arguing with customers was much more expensive than buying theses phones cheap and then earning alot money on them.

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                          • 29 May 2020

                          CptPower, 29 May 2020Well apple is funny again. here in Slovakia brand new ori... moreSelling refurbished items are smart way and its common practice. Also your slovakia price didnt apply to other country, so dont expect people in another country can buy iphone with the same price like yours, so refurbished strategy might works in some places

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                            • 29 May 2020

                            omnipotent, 29 May 2020oh god this is robbery !! what pathetic money looting compa... moreCome on guys. How many people in North Amera is buying iPhone for full price? I can answer you - not even half of users. There are plenty of deals which gives you iPhone for much lower price but you usually need to have contract for 2 years, but it is worth that! Chiristmas is even better..

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                              • 29 May 2020

                              Aflal , 29 May 2020Get SE or something for below price. This is useless offer.SE 2020 is mostly refurbished parts too

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                                • 29 May 2020

                                Bad antenna system

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                                  • 29 May 2020

                                  $300 bucks sounds fair.

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                                    • 29 May 2020

                                    omnipotent, 29 May 2020oh god this is robbery !! what pathetic money looting compa... moreplease, shush. Plenty of people can afford iPhones. If you don't afford it or don't want to pay the price, fine, but stop blabbering about apple overpricing their products, please.

                                      Apple refurbished products are backed by the same 1 yr warranty as new. Matter of fact their refurbished looks brand new.

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                                        • 29 May 2020

                                        Pocophone F2 is a better deal.